Blood donation drive in Gaza to support uprising in West Bank and Jerusalem

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine


The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Khan Younis, Gaza, organized a blood donation drive at its office in the governorate under the slogan: “One body, one blood, intifada until the end of occupation,” in support of the Palestinian people of the West Bank, Jerusalem, and occupied Palestine ’48 on October 20.

Members of the party, cadres of the Front participated in the even as did members of the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees.

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Comrade Hani Thawabteh, member of the Central Committee of the PFLP, said that the blood donation campaign was being conducted to support the growing intifada of our Palestinian people in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Occupied Palestine ’48, and to affirm the unity of the Palestinian people in confronting the occupation war machine together.