Abu Marzouk: What is happening in Jerusalem is only the beginning


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Vice chairman of Hamas Political Bureau Mousa Abu Marzouk stated that what is happening currently in Jerusalem is only the beginning, and a message to the Israeli occupation that Jerusalem is a red line which cannot be crossed.

In a Facebook statement on Sunday, Abu Marzouk saluted and praised those who he called the heroes of our time, those who resist the Israeli occupation, saying “you will be pleased with the safeness of your mosque and Jerusalem, God willing.”

“Jerusalem is [part of] our faith and religion, and the title of our struggle. We will defend it against the forces of evil that have, since the 1920s, been trying to Judaize it, desecrate the holy places, change the city’s identity, and insist on pursuing worshipers, students and prayers in Al-Aqsa Mosque,” Abu Marzouk continued.

Abu Marzouk called on all forces to unite in Jerusalem and for Jerusalem, stressing that the power of truth will ultimately prevail.