Jerusalem Is Bigger Than Palestine

By Dr. Fayez Abushamala

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The deliberate Israeli escalation in Jerusalem in recent days is not haphazard, but is part of an Israeli strategy to forcibly impose facts on the ground to take over the holy city from the hands of Arab “occupiers.”

The Israeli aggression will not be limited to the division of Al-Aqsa physically and temporally. The Israeli aggression will continue until Israel acquires the city fully, so that Arabs and Muslims look for another place to perform their religious rituals.

Netanyahu held a special meeting last night with some of his ministers who are concerned with the Jerusalem issue, including security chiefs, and the domestic front commander. They discussed what would happen after Al-Aqsa Mosque is divided. Netanyahu said that the Israeli Occupation Forces would not allow any Palestinian to prevent Jews from getting into Al-Aqsa Mosque to perform Talmudic rituals.

Obviously, Netanyahu has declared a war on Muslims and Arabs in the occupied city, as he believes they occupy the Mosque and holy sites belonging to Jews only.

The world knows that Israelis try to forcibly change facts on the ground. They alter the reality and identity of Jerusalem to further their goal to Judaize the whole city, believing that the city must return to the old tradition of the Jewish city of Yurshalim.

“The antique stones in the city reveal the relationship between the Jewish people and their only capital. It will never be divided. Jerusalem was not mentioned in Quran even once, but it was mentioned in the Old Testament hundreds of times. We will maintain Jerusalem and we will build and develop it. We will be blessed by the blessing of Jerusalem,” Netanyahu said.

The Chairman of the Israeli Knesset, Reuven Rivlin, proposed the same: “For more than two thousand years, we dreamt of returning to Jerusalem. Today we achieved the dream and we came back. We will not allow any power on earth to ban the Jews from enjoying this dream.”

Moreover, Shimon Peres, Israel’s President, said: “Jerusalem is not a direction for Arabs. Jerusalem has a priority in our policy and our Jewish religion, and it will remain unified. It will remain our eternal capital and Jewish, Christian and Muslim holy sites will remain under our sovereignty.”

Those statements cannot be misinterpreted and they emphasize the Jewishness of the city. They confirm that the Israeli presence is founded on religious rules, and not and not political or economic motives as some politicians suggest. They forget that Jerusalem is bigger than Palestine. They forget that the holy city belongs to all Arabs and Muslims. They forget that the salvation of Jerusalem cannot be achieved by threats, slogans, telephone calls between leaders, peaceful protests nor posts on social media.

Jerusalem is being defended by Jerusalemite youths using their bodies and they are waiting for support from the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and the Palestinians of the 1948 territories. The war on Jerusalem is a war on Ramallah, Nablus, Hebron, Gaza, Nazareth and Kafr Qasim because Jerusalem is the holy site of the whole nation and it waits for men and leaders who believe that no racist Jewish sovereignty should be there, and that the status of the city should continue the same, where all religions are treated equally under Arab rule. Jerusalem is the core of the struggle in Palestine.

Translated by CPDS