UNRWA Gaza Situation Report 104

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UNRWA meeting in Gaza

UNRWA meeting in Gaza

To further explain the dire financial situation of the Agency, UNRWA’s Deputy Commissioner-General, Sandra Mitchell, visited Gaza on 2 and 3 August to meet beneficiary representatives as well as UNRWA staff members and personnel, including the Local Staff Union.

The Deputy Commissioner-General explained the crisis’ potential consequences for beneficiaries and the efforts UNRWA is undertaking to bridge the current deficit of US$ 101 million of its General Fund. In a town hall meeting with staff members, she stated that UNRWA is “here to stay” until a “just and fair solution for Palestine refugees is found.” Furthermore, the Deputy Commissioner-General explained that due to the deficit, the Agency may be forced to temporarily suspend education services but in that case, life-saving services would remain a top priority.

She emphasized that the international community is responsible to provide “proper and full funding” for the Agency and meet the humanitarian needs of Palestine refugees.

UNRWA’s Deputy Commissioner-General also stated that no decision about the potential delay of the school year 2015/2016 has been taken yet, and that the Commissioner-General will take a decision in mid-August to give donors more time to respond to these critical funding shortages.

Her visit also included a meeting with Dr. Zakaria Al Agha from the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) with whom UNRWA is working closely in its advocacy efforts with donors.

The Agency remains committed to its efforts to advocate for adequate funding and will maintain regular communication with community leaders, UNRWA colleagues, and the staff unions.

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