Malaysian NGO: Stop Israeli Raids at Al Aqsa

Al-Quds Foundation, Malaysia

Al Aqsa (400 x 222)

On Sunday July 26, 2015 300+ Zionist settlers accompanied by the Israeli Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel stormed Masjidul-Aqsa Compound under the protection of heavily armed Israeli occupation forces, to mark the so called the destruction of the Temple Mount.

Masjid Al- Aqsa, the third-most holy site in Islam, is located in Palestinian territory and subject to persistent and illegal Israeli annexation attempts.

Sunday’s raid followed several measures taken by the Israeli occupation army to ease their storming and desecrating of the holy site, including:

• Imposing restrictions on entry to those over 50, preventing younger Muslims from performing their prayers in this hallowed place;

• Erecting additional barriers and checkpoints to prevent worshipers from reaching Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Despite these obstacles, worshipers responded to calls from numerous Islamic foundations on Sunday and succeeded in reaching Masjidul-Aqsa, where they tried to defend it with nothing but their bodies, and chants of “Allah Akbar.”

The Israeli response was brutal and immediate: 19 injuries from gunfire and aggression, and six arrests, including women.

Such Israeli violations against Masjidul-Aqsa threaten to escalate into another major crisis, adding to the tensions created by ongoing illegal Israeli occupation of Palestinian and Syrian territories, and risking the already-precarious peace and security of the Middle East.

Al-Quds Foundation Malaysia (QFM) urgently demands:

– The international community: to address the root cause of the problems at Al Aqsa by taking immediate and concrete measures to end the illegal Israeli occupation and annexation of Palestinian territory;

– The Israeli authorities: to cease all provocative actions and restrictions at Masjidul-Aqsa that prevent Palestinian access to one of the most holiest sites in Islam;

– The world Islamic community: to follow the example of the Murabitin, and protect Masjidul-Aqsa from Zionist settlers and authorities alike.

Al-Quds Foundation Malaysia