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Israel, Hamas and Hizbollah on a Collision Course

Opinion – INSS Insight

At the start of 2015, Israels two major fronts home to the two hostile players with which Israel has had military encounters in recent months were calm. The war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2014 and the mutual attacks … Read more »

PFLP: Results of Zionist elections simply reflect racist nature of the state

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine stated that the results of the Israeli election simply reflect the nature and structure of the racist, fascist Zionist society that produced these results and elected the Likud Party and its right-wing allies, who engaged in the most open and extreme anti-Palestinian attacks on our people and their rights throughout the campaign.

The growth of overt extremism and racism in the Zionist society and the climate of fascism is only fueled by the failure of Palestinian and Arab officialdom to confront the occupation state, as well as the international imperialist powers who provide cover for its crimes and rampant violations of international law and preserve its immunity and impunity from accountability or prosecution. Read more »

Why a fourth Netanyahu term may be a good thing

Opinion – Redress Information

If I had to express my hope in one sentence it would be this. A fourth term as prime minister for Binyamin Netanyahu would see Israel becoming more and more isolated and could improve the chances of Western governments being moved to use the leverage … Read more »

Another Gaza Freedom Flotilla is Ready to Sail in 2015

Opinion – Ann Wright

With the 51 day Israeli attack on Gaza in the summer of 2014 that killed over 2,200, wounded 11,000, destroyed 20,000 homes and displaced 500,000, the closing to humanitarian organizations of the border with Gaza by the Egyptian government, continuing Israeli … Read more »

Israeli forces invade ISM apartment

Press Release – International Solidarity Movement

Israeli forces invade ISM apartment as part of a campaign of continual harassment against activists in Hebron Read more »

Secret History of My Geography Teacher & Cofounder of Hamas

Column – Ramzy Baroud

This is not my geography teacher, or, more accurately it is not at all how I remember him. A series of APA images published by the British Daily Mail and other newspapers showed Hamad al-Hasanat lying dead in a mosque, surrounded by a group of Hamas fighters. … Read more »

PFLP stands in solidarity with Venezuela against US sanctions and threats

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine expressed its full solidarity with Venezuela in confronting US sanctions aimed at overthrowing the democratic Bolivarian government of Venezuela and undermining the will of its people, who have continually resisted US capitalism and imperialism.

venefront (400 x 140)

The US is making clear its ongoing and continuous policy seeking to return Venezuela under the boot of US imperialism and the dictates of US policy, as was the case in the past before the Bolivarian Revolution and the election of the late President Hugo Chavez. The Front expressed its solidarity with the people of Venezuela, the government and the President, Nicolas Maduro, in continuing to resist such attempts to undermine the future of Venezuela’s popular development. Read more »

Arrest Campaign against Hamas Member in the West Bank

Press Release – Palestinian Centre For Human Rights

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) is deeply concerned over a wide-scale arrest campaign launched by security services in the West Bank last week against a number of Hamas members. PCHR calls upon the national unity government in Ramallah … Read more »

Women’s Day in Gaza

by Julie Webb-Pullman

Palestinian women gathered Sunday outside the UN offices in Rimal.

The lingering loss, sadness and pain are all too obvious – despite their attempts at cheer there is little for women to celebrate in a Gaza still devastated by the Israeli offensive six months ago. Almost every one of these women and girls lost a mother, a sister, a daughter, a cousin, an aunt, a grandmother, a niece, a grandaughter, a friend – and almost every one of them is struggling to survive under a crippling – and illegal – blockade. But surviving they are.

Kia kaha!








Israeli offensive on Gaza and its effect on Women

Press Release – Palestinian Centre For Human Rights

On International Womens Day, Women’s Suffering is Doubled and Unprecedented Due to Consequences of the Israeli Offensive on the Gaza Strip The 8th of March is the day proclaimed by the international community to stress women’s rights that are guaranteed … Read more »

Expansion of the illegal settlement of Ma’aleh Adumim

Press Release – Palestinian Liberation Organisation

Dr. Ashrawi on the expansion of the illegal settlement of Ma’aleh Adumim and the continued destruction of Palestinian homes in the Jordan Valley Read more »

Recalculating the Gaza Route: Autonomous Area Reconstruction

Opinion – INSS Insight

ABSTRACT: Operation Protective Edge ended in August 2014, leaving the Gaza Strip entrenched in a complex humanitarian reality. The international community committed itself to the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, and at a conference in Cairo close … Read more »

Adam Keller : After the elections, the deluge

Opinion – Adam Keller

He came. He saw. He made a speech he made a speech indeed. Did he also win? That remains to be seen. On Rotschield Boulevard in Tel Aviv, there was no clapping to the speech of Netanyahu. Read more »

Netanyahu in the US : Did the Ends Justify the Means?

Opinion – INSS Insight

It is questionable whether the marginal effect that the Netanyahu speech may have on the current course of the negotiations with Iran justified the row, tension, and latest cracks in the personal relations between Obama and Netanyahu, as well as the … Read more »

Las Vegas TV ad asks drone pilots to refuse to fly

Opinion – David Swanson

This advertisement does a number of things in 15 seconds that U.S. television has not done before. It presents a moral case against drone murders (the U.S. government’s terminology , and strictly accurate). Read more »

The Arab Intellectual is Resting, Not Dead : Ramzy Baroud

Opinion – Ramzy Baroud

Whenever a new poem by Mahmoud Darwish was published in al-Quds newspaper, I rushed over to Abu Aymens newsstand that was located in the refugee camps main square. It was a crowded and dusty place where grimy taxis waited for passengers, surrounded … Read more »

In Gaza, the war continues in the form of the blockade

Opinion – Save The Children

Six months ago the ferocious bombardment on Gaza stopped. While the guns may have fallen silent the war continues for the children of Gaza. After the fanfare of donor pledges and grandiose plans to rebuild the devastation that was left after the August … Read more »

Palestinian Killed, Two Detained as Israeli Navy Targets Gaza Fishermen


Israeli naval boats opened gunfire Saturday on Palestinian fishermen offshore al-Sudaniya to the northwest of Gaza, killing one and detaining two others.

According to WAFA reporter, Israeli naval boats opened heavy gunfire on fishermen sailing within the unilaterally-imposed six-nautical-miles fishing zone offshore al-Sudaniya, injuring a fisherman.

Tawfiq Abu Rayyala, 25, was shot with a bullet in the abdomen and was transferred to hospital where he succumbed to his wounds. Read more »

78 Israeli violations of Gaza ceasefire

Palestinian Information Centre

ceasefire (400 x 266)

Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights reported Thursday that Israel had committed 78 violations in the border areas and off the coast of the Gaza Strip since it reached a ceasefire deal with the Palestinians in August last year.

In a statement, al-Mezan center said that two Gazans were killed, while 52 others were injured by Israeli gunfire during the five past months. 49 arrests were also reported during the same period.

Since September 2014, the Israeli occupation forces along the border with Gaza opened their machinegun fire 29 times, killing two citizens and injuring 35 others including nine children. Read more »

A decade of civil disobedience in my West Bank village

Press Release – International Solidarity Movement

On February 20, 2005, we, residents of the West Bank Palestinian village of Bilin, set forth, accompanied by supporters from around the world, and marched to the west side of the village. Israeli army bulldozers had begun uprooting olive trees there … Read more »

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