Hamas and Islamic Jihad hold joint meeting in Gaza


Zahar: We have developed the resistance and The West Bank is our strategic element to liberate Palestine.

Mohammed Al Hindi and Mahmoud Zahar

Mohammed Al Hindi and Mahmoud Zahar

Hamas Political Bureau member Mahmoud Al Zahar told a joint Hamas-Islamic Jihad political meeting in Salahuddin Alayoubi Mousque in Gaza last weekend that the resistance has worked on the development of its arms to confront the Zionist occupation, and it will never hand them over to anyone, near or far.

He confirmed that they consider the West Bank an essential strategic element in the liberation of Palestine, and called on its people not to pursue the security coordination program which damages their resistance.

His statements were made together with leader of Islamic Jihad Mohammed Al Hindi to members of both movements during a political meeting to review the latest developments in the Palestinian arena.

Al Zahar noted that the resistance is a target of the occupation both outside and inside of Palestine, referring to the Palestinian authority’s project of security coordination with the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian resistance.

Confirming that the relationship between Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements is solid, Al Zahar pointed out that it even extends beyond the borders, as shown by the victory of the Ala’sf Alm’akool battle, the Palestinian resistance’ name for last summer’s Israeli offensive against Gaza.

He described how the cooperation between the two movements covers many areas: military, student, women and security issues. He emphasised that they must also increase relations with other countries, including Saudi Arabia and Iran, but only insofar as it does not harm the resistance.

“The time is coming when the factions are going to have to re-shuffle the cards of resistance to liberate Palestine,” he said.

Islamic Jihad member Mohammed Al Hindi spoke about the owners of the settlement project counting on Herzog and Tzipi Livni. He confirmed that both Herzog and Livni will never oppose Jerusalem as ‘their’ capital or the Judaism of the state.

“They are part of a new illusion, and they expect to market this new illusion here,” he said.

Al Hindi called on the ‘owners’ of Oslo to confess, to be frank and tell the people that Oslo has reached an impasse, that it is nothing more than a big illusion.

“They have to resign and make way for the new generation and the resistance factions to rule Palestine,” Al Hindi insisted.

“We are working to build the resistance, to raise the nation and to be the liberators of Palestine, all of Palestine,” he concluded.