78 Israeli violations of Gaza ceasefire

Palestinian Information Centre

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Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights reported Thursday that Israel had committed 78 violations in the border areas and off the coast of the Gaza Strip since it reached a ceasefire deal with the Palestinians in August last year.

In a statement, al-Mezan center said that two Gazans were killed, while 52 others were injured by Israeli gunfire during the five past months. 49 arrests were also reported during the same period.

Since September 2014, the Israeli occupation forces along the border with Gaza opened their machinegun fire 29 times, killing two citizens and injuring 35 others including nine children.

As for the Israeli Navy’s violations, the center stated that 49 fishermen were detained, 17 others were injured, while 12 fishing boats were confiscated.

The latest of the Israeli navy’s attacks occurred on Thursday when its forces opened machinegun fire at fishermen as they were working off the coast of al-Sudaniya area and wounded two of them, identified as Eid Mohsen and Ziyad Fahed.

During the attack, the naval forces confiscated a boat belonging to fisherman Mahmoud Zaidan and detained three others on board.

The center strongly condemned the escalating Israeli military violations that deprive Gaza civilians of their right to live and earn their livelihood.

Al-Mezan called on international community to shoulder its legal and moral obligations towards the Palestinian civilians in the occupied Palestinian territories and to take legal action against those involved in gross violations of the humanitarian international law.