Dr. Ashrawi: Palestine cannot remain under occupation

Press Release – Palestinian Liberation Organisation

Dr. Ashrawi: We cannot go back to business as usual and remain under the occupationDr. Ashrawi: “We cannot go back to business as usual and remain under the occupation”

PLO Executive Committee member, Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, conducted two separate meetings with fifty-five students from the School of Advanced International Studies at the John Hopkins University, and a visiting women’s delegation representing the British organization, Yachad, at the PLO Headquarters in Ramallah.

In both meetings, Dr. Ashrawi discussed the current situation in Palestine and answered questions on the deteriorating conditions on the ground, Palestinian efforts to hold Israel accountable in international judicial arenas, including the ICC, Israel’s ongoing policies of occupation and its violations of international law and the basic requirements for peace, the horrific aftermath of Israel’s war on Gaza and the urgent need for relief and reconstruction, the US-Israel strategic alliance and the American monopoly over the ‘peace process,’ the role of women in conflict resolution and peacemaking, the importance of public opinion and social media in influencing official policies and legislation worldwide, and the prospects for reconciliation and the need for elections in Palestine.”

Dr. Ashrawi stressed, “We cannot go back to business as usual and remain under the occupation. We need to resolve the root causes of Israeli violations and war crimes and put an end to the illegal, cruel and immoral occupation of Palestine and enable the Palestinians to fully exercise their right to self-determination.”


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