Israeli F-16s back in Gaza skies, int’l community watches silently

by Julie Webb-Pullman

Israeli F-16s are flying low over Gaza thismorning hot on the heels of Saturday’s airstrikes in Khan Younes, bringing the number of ceasefire violations since August to at least 95.

The propensity for desperate governments such as Netanyahu’s to try to shore up support in upcoming elections by waging war does not justify either the practice, or this latest onslaught by Israeli forces on Gaza, still reeling from last summer’s slaughter.

The international community sat on its hands while blatant war crimes were committed, pledged money for reconstruction before the blood was dry but did not deliver, policed the borders for the Israeli occupation so that reconstruction could NOT occur, and still stands by while hundreds of thousands made homeless by Israeli war crimes freeze and starve in the rubble.

Meanwhile, Egypt has poured troops into the Sinai, demolished 800 homes in the town of Rafah on the Egyptian side to create a one km buffer zone, all but sealed the Rafah border, and last week taken delivery of 10 Apache helicopters from the US.

Israeli politicans make grandiose statements, and blatant incitements to genocide, with total impunity.

That is the measure of the Israeli mindset, the commitment to “negotiation.”

Current signs point dangerously towards a premeditated and total massacre in Gaza in a most cynical exercise of electioneering, a massacre made more possible by Egypt’s able assistance.

Will the international community again fail to act, to avert such an outcome?

Terms of the Ceasefire

– Multilateral ceasefire – no more attacks by either side.

– The opening of Israeli crossings into and out of Gaza, allowing the flow of people, humanitarian imports and commercial trade.

– Extension of the fishing limit off Gaza’s coast from three to six miles, with discussions in one month about extending it further.

– Reduction of the “security zone” inside Gaza from 300m to 100m.

– Resumption of Egyptian-brokered talks by September 26, 2014 to discuss the release of prisoners, rebuilding of the seaport/airport and other remaining issues.

A full list of the violations as at December 20, 2014 can be found here