Har Nof Synagogue attack: Israel’s chickens come home to roost

by Julie Webb-Pullman

A body being removed from the Har Nof synagogue (AFP/Ahmad Gharabli)

A body being removed from the Har Nof synagogue (AFP/Ahmad Gharabli)

Israel’s chickens are coming home to roost, along with those of the UN and the international community. How can anyone be surprised?

You cannot subject a people to 50 years of illegal occupation and expect no response. To illegal demolition of their houses, arbitrary detention, torture and inhumane prison conditions and expect no response. You cannot subject a people to ongoing theft of their land for the construction of illegal settlements, to living behind an illegal apartheid wall and expect no response. You cannot subject a people to an illegal siege and expect no response.

The international community has sat on its hands while the Israeli rogue state rode roughshod over the few rights left to Palestinians, with total impunity.

The UN has not enforced international law even ONCE in response to at least 80 breaches of UN Security Council Resolutions. The US has vetoed many more.

Endless negotiations with dishonest brokers have yielded less than nothing for Palestinians – less land, less water, less natural resources, less houses, less jobs, less opportunities, less travel. It is nothing less than scandalous that this has all taken place under the watch of the Useless Nations.

Israeli settlers have beaten, robbed, run over and killed, kidnapped, tortured and burnt to death, abducted beaten and strangled Palestinians, and not one settler has ever been held properly accountable.

Is anyone surprised that Palestinians, ordinary Palestinians, have finally taken justice into their own hands, and carried out their own ‘price-tag’ attack on a synagogue? A synagogue built on the site of the Deir Yassin massacre, a Palestinian Arab village attacked by Zionist terrorists in 1948?

Netanyahu blames Hamas (as usual) and Abbas (unusual). His blinkered arrogance does not allow him to blame the real author of these crimes – himself, and his Zionist policies.

While no-one wishes death on others, when it is either your death or someone else’s there is no such thing as choice – it is called survival.

Palestinians’ very survival is threatened – they are down to less than 20% of their land, and more is stolen every day, along with water and other natural resources. Men, women and children are routinely thrown in jail without charge, and hunted down and killed in the West Bank and Jerusalem, or just shot/bombed/blasted to death in Gaza or left to die of ill-health.

Palestinians’ only refuge, their religion, is not immune from Israeli attack. Frequently banned from their holy sites, which are regularly invaded, undermined, and desecrated, Muslim Palestinians face imminent threat to the third most holy site in Islam, Al Aqsa Mosque.

The international community mouths a few platitudes, the Useless Nations do nothing.

Who else is going to defend Palestine against the rabid attacks of a pathologically rogue state, if not each and every Palestinian citizen who has patiently but unsuccessfully sought justice and peace by every means known to man?

The international community has had 60 years to show there is another way – and failed.

Time is up. It’s a quarter past urgent, and Palestinians one by one are rising up.

Not Netanyahu, not Hamas, not Abbas will be able to stem this tide until genuine justice prevails – the end of the Israeli occupation, the end of the siege of Gaza, the end of administrative detention, the return of refugees and true self-determination for Palestinians in an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Then and only then can we ask – or expect – Palestinians to give peace a chance.