Hamas slams PA crackdown in West Bank

Source: OMAMH, West Bank

Escalation of political detentions in the West Bank by PA Security Services

Escalation of political detentions in the West Bank by PA Security Services

Abu Kwaik: we reject the unjustified crackdown of the PA that jeopardises national unity

Hussein Abu Qweik, a leader in the Islamic resistance movement Hamas, said his party rejects the escalation of political detentions in the West Bank, describing PA Security Forces crackdowns against the supporters of his party as unfair, and jeopardising national unity as well as the revolutions of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa.

“They violate Palestinian law and national ethics, and serve no one but the occupation,” he added.

Abu Kweik claimed there is a connection between the revolution in Jerusalem and the PA’s detention of activists, members of the resistance and political parties, the media and writers. He said it is related to recent meetings between the PA and leaders of the Israeli occupation, in which the Israelis demanded concerted efforts to stop the intifada by putting an end to demonstrations and resistance activities. A wave of detentions, summonses, mock trials, house invasions and terrorizing of innocent citizens followed.

Abu Qweik, who lives in Ramallah, decsribed how PA forces attacked, surrounded and broke into the house of Hebron writer and journalist Lama Khater. He also told of the detention of a number of released prisoners, and their transfer to Jericho prison on fabricated charges designed to mask the political nature of their detention.

He said the PA efforts are much appreciated by the Israeli leaders, as they squeeze the soldiers of Al-Aqsa and its honorable men between the cruel pincers of the PA and the Israeli security forces. He noted that revolutionary Palestinian youth have no options but patience and steadfastness before this vicious attack.

Abu Qweik said he is convinced that the “free will that responded to the call of Al-Aqsa will eventually win.”

Media reports have documented an enormous escalation in PA forces’ detentions and summonses of supporters of the Palestinian resistance. Over 30 people were detained in the 72 hours between Monday and Thursday this week alone, in a determined crackdown to end the West Bank uprisings.