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Beit Hanoun: Homeless but not utterly hopeless, thanks to NZers

By Julie Webb-Pullman

Receiving clothes, blankets and schoolbags in Beit Hanoun 30/11/14

Receiving clothes, blankets and schoolbags in Beit Hanoun 30/11/14

With the help of New Zealanders the Palestinian Family Charitable Association in Beit Hanoun has done it again – provided warm winter clothes and blankets for some of the neediest children in Gaza as the wintry weather begins to bite.

Not that there are very many children in Beit Hanoun who are not needy – 1,500 apartment blocks were destroyed in this town during the 51 day Israeli offensive in July-August, leaving many thousands homeless and their schools full of displaced families. Read more »

Al Jazeera launches storytelling platform on Palestine

Press Release – Al Jazeera

29 November, Doha In commemoration of the UN International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, Al Jazeera Media Network launches Palestine Remix a first of its kind interactive website. Read more »

One Palestinian and one international both shot in the chest

Press Release – International Solidarity Movement

An 18-year-old Palestinian demonstrator and an International Solidarity Movement (ISM) volunteer, were both shot in the chest with .22 live ammunition during a protest at Kufr Qaddum. The Italian activist, known as Patrick, was wearing a yellow high … Read more »

State of Emergency Declared in Gaza

Press Release – UNRWA Gaza

UNRWA has declared an emergency in Gaza following severe flooding over the last 48 hours. Hundreds of residents have already evacuated their homes, and over 100 schools were forced to close, preventing nearly 100,000 children from attending class on … Read more »

Hemaya warns Israeli ‘Nationality bill’ will legitimise apartheid

Hemaya Center for Human Rights

Second Class Citizen stamp now being used by Palestinian citizens of 'Israel'

Second Class Citizen stamp now being used by Palestinian citizens of ‘Israel’

Hemaya Centre for Human Rights considers that the nationality bill passed by the Israeli cabinet last week will undermine the rights of Palestinian civilians in ‘Israel’ and legitimise apartheid.

The bill seeks to formally identify ‘Israel’ as the nation-state of the Jewish people, effectively ruling out the right of return of Palestinian refugees; to enshrine Jewish law as a source of inspiration for legislation; and to delist Arabic as an official language.

If passed by the Knesset, the law would be a clear violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which stipulates that an occupying power may not transfer sovereignty, make permanent changes in fundamental institutions, or change the demographic structure of the state it occupies. Read more »

Globalizing action to block Israeli Zim ships

Free Palestine Movement

Protestors block Zim ship in Oakland, California, August 2014

Protestors block Zim ship in Oakland, California, August 2014

You may have heard that the Zim shipping line has decided to discontinue sending its ships to California ports in the US. This is a major victory, but also a tactical retreat for Zim and the government of Israel. They appear to be terrified that ports around the world might block Israeli ships. Demonstrations and successful actions fuel the movement, and Israel may have decided that if there are no Israeli ships to picket, the news media will show little interest.

Perhaps, but that is why the Free Palestine Movement and other groups are working to encourage and develop pickets at other ports around the world. Zim lost millions of dollars and several clients as a result of the actions in the US. Shipping clients expect their cargo to be delivered on schedule, and the Oakland disruptions alone resulted in delays of weeks or months as well as extra shipping costs on non-Zim carriers. If a few more ports around the world can accomplish the same results, Zim will suffer greatly, and possibly mortally. Bringing down the giant Zim shipping line would be a major victory for the picket organizers, and might lead to similar actions against other Israeli interests.

On 1-3 December, Beirut, Lebanon will host an international meeting of the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine. The Free Palestine Movement will be one of dozens of organizations from as many countries to be represented. Our contribution will be a proposal for global actions to stop Israeli ships at ports around the world and to convene an international labor conference on Palestine in 2015. The proposal will occupy a major part of the conference, which will also address the brutal Israeli siege of Gaza, the threats against the Palestinian community in Jerusalem and its Muslim and Christian holy places, as well as other topics.

Co-founder Paul Larudee will represent FPM at the conference and will report on the results after his return. We hope that other groups that are pursuing similar objectives in other places will also share such information, so that we do not miss this opportunity to give Israel a small taste of what it means to suffer a blockade of its ships, as it has done to Gaza for the last 47 years.

PFLP soul-searching: rise and fall of Palestine’s socialists

Column – Ramzy Baroud

When news reports alleged that the two cousins behind the Jerusalem synagogue attack on 18 November were affiliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a level of confusion reigned. Why the PFLP? Why now? Read more »

Israeli Settlers Continue Their Attacks against Palestinians

Press Release – Palestinian Centre For Human Rights

The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) condemns the Israeli settlers’ ongoing and escalated attacks on Palestinian civilians in the West Bank. The latest of these attacks has been against a house belonging to a Palestinian woman in Kherbet Abu … Read more »

Palestinian homes must cease to be a target

Press Release – United Nations Human Rights Commissioner

GENEVA (25 November 2014) The United Nations Special Rapporteurs on the Occupied Palestinian Territory and on the right to adequate housing today called on the Government of Israel to end its punitive demolition of Palestinian homes in response to alleged … Read more »

Israel’s demolition of Palestinian homes

Press Release – UN News

Makarim Wibisono, Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories. UN Photo/Violaine Martin Read more »

Hamas: Detaining our West Bank leaders will not kill the revolution

Omamh- Ramallah

Israeli forces sacking Palestinian homes in the West Bank (Photo: WAFA)

Israeli forces sacking Palestinian homes in the West Bank (Photo: WAFA)

Islamic resistance movement Hamas today slammed the detention of two of its most prominent national figures, Sheikh Hussein Abu Qweik and Fayez Warda, by Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank.

“Detaining Hamas leaders will not kill the growing revolution in the West Bank,” Hamas said in a press statement issued there this morning. Read more »

Palestinian refugees from Syria face worsening situation

Press Release – UN News

Palestinian women at a UNRWA distribution centre in the Jaramana refugee camp, Damascus, Syria. Photo: UNRWA/Carole Alfarah Read more »

Peace process hangs from a thread in Palestine

Press Release – UN News

Peace process hangs from a thread, UN warns ahead of Day of Solidarity with Palestinians Read more »

Home demolition threats will be met with increased confrontation

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

Relative holds photos of Ghassan and Uday Abu Jamal

Relative holds photos of Ghassan and Uday Abu Jamal

The threats of the Prime Minister of the occupation state, Benjamin Netanyahu, to demolish the homes of the families of Ghassan and Uday Abu Jamal in occupied Jerusalem is a criminal and dangerous escalation which will only be met with greater confrontation, steadfastness and resistance to stop these plans, said the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine on November 23. Read more »

Prosecute Israel – or let the people decide

Article – Jamal Kanj

Following the historical recognition of Palestine as a state by the Swedish government, British legislators voted overwhelmingly on a non-binding resolution urging their government also to recognise the state of Palestine. Read more »

Jerusalem: The Unholy City

Article – Uri Avnery

In its long and checkered history, Jerusalem has been occupied by dozens of conquerors. Babylonians and Persians, Greeks and Romans, Mamluks and Turks, Britons and Jordanians to mention just a few. Read more »

UN-backed reconstruction efforts set to kick-off in Gaza

Press Release – UN News

21 November 2014 The next phase in reconstruction efforts for war-ravaged Gaza is slated to begin as early as next week following an updated understanding between Israeli and Palestinian stakeholders, the United Nations special envoy in … Read more »

Ban urges leaders in Israel/Palestine to halt extremisim

Press Release – UN News

Ban urges Israeli, Palestinian leaders to stand up to extremists on both sides, end surging violence Read more »

Isolating Palestinian cities, mass punishment reflecting the Israeli racism

Source: Al Qassam Website

One of the 50+ concrete block barriers preventing freedom of movement in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem

One of the 50+ concrete block barriers preventing freedom of movement in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem

The Israeli military and security measures in and around villages and cities in the West Bank and in occupied Jerusalem using concrete cubes turned them into isolated cantons, according to Palestinian citizens and officials.

Eyewitnesses said the Israeli army closed the entrances of al-Ram, Northern Jerusalem, Sinjil, Aboud, Deir Abu Mishaal and a number of Jerusalem towns using concrete cubes during this week, in addition; it has set up military checkpoints in different locations. Read more »

Hamas slams PA crackdown in West Bank

Source: OMAMH, West Bank

Escalation of political detentions in the West Bank by PA Security Services

Escalation of political detentions in the West Bank by PA Security Services

Abu Kwaik: we reject the unjustified crackdown of the PA that jeopardises national unity

Hussein Abu Qweik, a leader in the Islamic resistance movement Hamas, said his party rejects the escalation of political detentions in the West Bank, describing PA Security Forces crackdowns against the supporters of his party as unfair, and jeopardising national unity as well as the revolutions of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa.

“They violate Palestinian law and national ethics, and serve no one but the occupation,” he added.

Abu Kweik claimed there is a connection between the revolution in Jerusalem and the PA’s detention of activists, members of the resistance and political parties, the media and writers. He said it is related to recent meetings between the PA and leaders of the Israeli occupation, in which the Israelis demanded concerted efforts to stop the intifada by putting an end to demonstrations and resistance activities. A wave of detentions, summonses, mock trials, house invasions and terrorizing of innocent citizens followed. Read more »

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