PFLP calls for resistance to occupation attacks on Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)

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The Popular Front for the Liberation called upon the Palestinian people in Jerusalem, in the 1948 occupied areas, the occupied West Bank, and in all locations, to take immediate and urgent action to confront the attacks of hundreds of colonial settlers and occupation soldiers since early Monday, October 13. They are attempting to impose “facts on the ground” as a step toward controlling Al-Aqsa, dividing it, and allegedly “rebuilding the Temple” in its place.

This is all part of a Zionist plan to obtain full control of Jerusalem and attempt to undermine the status of the city as the eternal capital of the Palestinian people. The PFLP said that these ongoing events are a dangerous development and escalation in the ongoing and long-time policy of the occupation forces, who stormed al-Aqsa in the hundreds, closing the area, preventing Palestinians from entering or leaving, in order to ensure a clear course for settlers to enter under the banner of the “revival of the temple.”

This comes at the same time as hundreds of occupation settlers accompanied by over 35 occupation military vehicles entered Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus, meeting protests and resistance. In addition, this is the time of the olive harvest which has been characterized by ongoing settler and soldier violence against Palestinian farmers, including cutting and damaging of olive trees.

The PFLP demanded the Palestinian Authority and all Palestinian forces take up a serious rejection of negotiations and all the consequent meetings and coordination and instead act to rally the Arab, Islamic and international forces to defend Jerusalem and the Palestinian people facing attack, ethnic cleansing and exclusion, and support the steadfastness of its people, financially, politically and morally.