The Vampires

by Enas F Ghannam

The vampires came to our town, mommy. They were in disguise, but I knew it was them. They were hiding under black cloaks and riding huge dragons with red eyes. They were flying over us and firing balls of fires on everything. Big spiders were moving slowly on the ground and they were hitting people and houses with their dark poisoned webs. But where are you mommy?

Lords of darkness they were. Appearing at night, sometimes during the day when no one is paying attention. They were sucking the blood of men, women and children.

Everyone was running outside but we were trapped in my room. My dad was worried, didn’t know what to do with his eyes following those dragons that hit everything around us…while you were crying and hugging us, praying to Allah to protect us all. Allah answered your prayer, for we got to escape.

I remember that you were holding my hand and carrying my little brother in your arms. My father was holding the hand of my older sister while my elder brother was ahead of us. I couldn’t take my toy with me because I couldn’t find it, someone had taken it. We were running, lots of people were running as well. And I saw them falling, some of them got injured but they kept running while others didn’t get the chance to stand up. Then we passed by my kindergarten. It was destroyed, many balls of fire hit it. I saw the swing my brother takes me to play on, but it was broken mommy, I could see lots of red around it, I wondered who poured that paint in there. But where are you mommy?

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There was dust and loud voices, lots of people were around me screaming but where were you?

Ohh, here you are, you are praying now just like you were in there, except now you’re saying my name only, what mommy, what are you saying?

Why don’t you talk to me? Why don’t you look at me? Can’t you see me? I remember now, I had a headache mommy, so much pain, but now it’s gone. It’s as if the back of my head does not exist anymore, like magic! Can you believe it mommy!

Hey mom take care… that ball of fire… hey mom run…run… why don’t you move, it’s getting closer… Yes move…here is my hand…take me with you…mom? Mommy! Where are you going? Why are you leaving me? I’m afraid… It’s scary in here, don’t go and leave me alone… Mom! Where are you? Where am I? What is this place? Where is everyone?

– I’m here dear.
– Mom..?
– We are all here now.
– Thank God, but how did you escape from the dragons?
– There are no dragons here, dear… nothing can hurt us anymore.

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