Reaching Out

by Huda Droll

Yousef Kafarnah

Yousef Kafarnah

What can be said for one that has reached out with all his might to help protect his family? He is a hero, and his name is Yousef Kafarnah, 36, from Al-Atatrah.

He and his family sought shelter at his sister’s house in Beir Al-Na’jah.

While gathered together in the living room after finishing their dinner on July 29, the bomb struck. His sister’s house was not the target, but the strength of the F16 bombing her neighbor’s house was so severe, shrapnel went flying everywhere.

As he reached out to huddle his family together, the shrapnel cut through his flesh. His right lower arm has been amputated, and his left arm broken in many places.

No one in Yousef’s family suffered injuries but himself. May you be rewarded for your heroics.

Yousef can no longer reach out, even to help himself.

But you can reach out to Yousef, at least with your hearts, and help him with his difficult recovery.

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