PFLP salutes the heroic martyrs of al-Qassam Brigades

Press Release
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
July 7, 2014

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Rafah salutes the great martyrs of the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, who fell as martyrs in the Zionist shelling of Rafah yesterday evening:

The heroic martyrs: Ibrahim al-Balaawi, Abdul-Rahman al-Zamili, Mustafa Abu Morr, Khaled Abu Morr,Yousef Sharaf Ghannam, Joma’a Abu Shallouf, and Ibrahim Abdeen.

The Front expresses its continued commitment to them, and to all of the martyrs of our people, to continue on the path of struggle and resistance until we achieve the goals of our people for return and liberation.

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