Letter to the free world parliamentarians from Gaza

Gaza, July 10,2014

Dear all,

Three days ago, Israel started a large-scale military aggression against Gaza and since then it destroyed nearly 70 homes that were inhabited, and killed nearly 80 people, and wounded approximately 450 Children and women.

This aggression comes within the context of the policies of occupation aimed at Judaizing Jerusalem and swallowing the largest possible area of land in the West Bank.

The aggression on Gaza may cause endless humanitarian disasters, because of the length of the hermetic siege on Gaza Strip, resulting in a severe shortage of necessities, in the services provided by the Ministry of health, municipalities and all providers of services to people in normal circumstances, as the savage aggression is unlimited and could expand more and more.

Accordingly, we urge you to:

– Urgently act within your Parliament and Government to condemn this aggression.

-Organize protests in front of the embassies of Israel, and cut ties with Israel.

-Call upon Diplomatic circles to work in organizations of the United Nations, including the Security Council to condemn the aggression and call for the a swift halt of the aggression and occupation.

– Organize quick relief convoys, especially in the medical field

Yours sincerely,

Huda Naim
Deputy Legislative Council
Gaza- Palestine

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