Israeli offensive backfires in Gaza

by Julie Webb-Pullman

Gaza tonight

Gaza tonight

The Ministry of Health in Gaza reported that the toll from the ongoing Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip is now 23 Palestinians dead and 150 wounded.

They are just the numbers – behind each one is a human tragedy. The neighbours who tried to form a human shield by gathering on the roof of the al-Kaware family home after a drone fired a warning flare, imagining that the presence of women and children would prevent the attack. It didn’t, and Abduallah Kaware, Mohammad Ashour, 13, Riyadh Kaware, Mahmoud Judeh, Bakir Mahmoud Judeh, 22, Ammar Mohammad Judeh, 22, and Hussein Mohammad Kaware, 14, were all killed.

In the southern Gaza Strip an Israeli airstrike left 25 severely injured, and an 8 year-old child later died of injuries received in the attack.

Clearly a terrorist.

If Israel thinks this ‘Operation Protective Edge’ will get rid of Hamas, and deal a fatal blow to the Palestinian resistance, they have made a very grave error.

If anything, it has had the opposite effect. Support for the resistance is on everyone’s lips, and in their hearts. Not Hamas, not Islamic Jihad, not PFLP – ALL resistance. This Israeli offensive has united Gazans – and Palestinians – in a way the reconciliation could only have dreamed of. And giving up is nowhere on their agenda.

A young woman with whom I shared iftar tonight told me that she now feels there is nothing to lose.

“We are being killed anyway. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are, you are not safe. It doesn’t matter if you are a civilian, a child, a doctor, a garbage collector, a member of the resistance – we are all the same to the Israelis, we are all just targets and we never know when it will be our turn. So why not fight back with whatever we have, even if it is only rockets? We have nothing to lose.”

Another older woman commented on the possibility of a land invasion, and what the Israelis would do with everyone.

“They can’t put us all in jail – we are already in jail. All they are doing is lifting its roof and throwing in bombs.”

“If they come in, Gaza will explode,” said another. “They will regret it – we are dying anyway so we will fight them to the last breath.”



As the children fall asleep to sound of drones, and are wakened – or killed – by the shattering explosions of bombs, the world outside their prison seems oblivious to their plight.

“Why does nothing change?” asked an activist outside Shifa Hospital. “We had 2008 [Operation Cast Lead] and 2012 [Operation Pillar of Cloud] and the international community condemned them but nothing happens to Israel – and here we are again.”

It’s up to you to answer.

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