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What happened….

by Enas Ghannam

I woke up to the voice of explosions – as usual – but these were continuous and heavy. I turned on the radio to listen to the news. Strangely, there was electricity so I opened Facebook to see the comments. It was the Shujaeia massacre. Scenes and photos of bodies killed and shredded into pieces. Families who lost their children or houses or who literally were wiped out made my heart beat violently and I started to cry. Then I heard another voice. It was my mother talking to my father. She was telling him it’s time to go, to leave the house until everything is safe again. My father refused to even listen to her, my sister-in-law was crying because she can’t stand this situation. The final decision was to wait at home and prepare our stuff and be ready to leave at any moment.

Sitting in my room the next day I am “safely” opening my pc and following the news about the massacres committed against our Palestinian people by Israel. My headphones are on my ears while watching a video about shooting a Palestinian who was running for his own safety. Suddenly a very loud explosion hit the balcony of my home. How to explain the feeling, the horror that came over us all. A white dust was everywhere and I still didn’t know it was my house that was hit. Read more »

MOH Gaza Update as at 1900 hrs on 31/07/2014

The Ministry of Health in Gaza reports the following statistics as at 1900 hours on Thursday July 31, 2014.

Deaths: 1,418 – 324 children, 166 women 18-60 years, 60 persons over 60 years
Injuries: 8,265 – 2,502 children, 1,626 women 18-60 years, 303 over 60 years.
ICU: 140 patients

Statisitics 31-7-2014_English (400 x 571) Read more »

Gaza surgery being performed in corridors, on the floor

Press Release
Gaza Ministry of Health, Palestine
July 31, 2014

Performing an internal fixation on the corridor floor

Performing an internal fixation on the corridor floor

Gaza hospitals are operating under impossible conditions, with surgery now being performed in corridors and on the floor due to the sheer numbers of wounded from massacres such as Shati park, UNRWA school and Shujeiyah market.

Lack of theatre space sees two persons being operated on at a time in the same theatre, while others receive surgical interventions in the corridors.

Even beds are in such short supply that surgeons are forced to undertake complicated procedures while their patients lie on stretchers on the floor.

There is nowhere to send the patients post-operatively, with Shifa ICU full, and no vacant beds in surgical wards. Read more »

Euro-Mid Observer: 6 massacres in one day as Israel tries to isolate Gaza from the world

Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights

Day_23_En (400 x 193)

Gaza City, Occupied Palestinian Territories, July 31, 2014 – Before the sunset of the 23rd day of the Israeli assault on the besieged Gaza Strip, the Israeli army has committed six massacres against civilians. The most horrific and atrocious massacre was committed at dawn in UNRWA-run Abu Hussein School in Jabalia refugee camp in the northern part of Gaza Strip, killing 15 Palestinians, most of them were children, and wounding 90 others when five artillery shells landed directly on one of the classrooms as displaced people were asleep. The school, which shelters 3,300 refugees, is the sixth UNRWA-run school that has been targeted directly by the Israeli forces.

The Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights stresses that this massacre has been preceded and followed by other massacres against the families of Al Khalili, Abu Amer, Dhaheer and al-Astal. Seven members of Khalili family from Tuffah neighbourhood in Gaza City, including three children and two women, were killed when their house was bombed and hit directly without any prior warning. Seven members of Abu Amer family from Khan Younis, which has been heavily bombed by the Israeli army, were also killed. Moreover, 10 members of al-Astal family, including one child, were killed at dawn in an F16 airstrike without warning as they were asleep in the family’s gathering room of their house east of Khan Younis, and 25 others were also injured in the same incident. Read more »

MOH Gaza Update as at 2400 on 30/07/2014

The Ministry of Health in Gaza reports the following statistics as at 2400 hours on Wednesday July 30, 2014.

Deaths: 1,357 – 315 children, 166 women 18-60 years, 58 persons over 60 years
Injuries: 7.677 – 2,164 children, 1,314 women 18-60 years, 282 over 60 years.
ICU: 140 patients

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Is killing civilians part of Israel’s plan?

Article – Jonathan Cook

Another day, another UN school hit by Israeli shelling in Gaza. Israels attack on the morning of 30 July killed at least 16 civilians sheltering at the school and wounded dozens. The casualties figures are expected to rise. Read more »

Recruiting to kill – it is not just an Israeli war on Gaza

Column – Ramzy Baroud

To some, US secretary of state John Kerry may have appeared to be a genuine peacemaker as he floated around ideas during a Cairo visit on 25 July about a ceasefire between Israel and resisting Palestinian fighters in Gaza. Read more »

Talk Nation Radio: Sarah Ali: Under the Missiles in Gaza

Column – David Swanson

Sarah Ali is a Palestinian living in the Gaza Strip. She has lost friends and neighbors in the current war on Gaza. She speaks to us about conditions under the bombing. Sarah Ali studied English and literature and currently is working as a teacher in … Read more »

Government must condemn Israel killing of civilians in Gaza

Press Release – Green Party

The New Zealand Government must condemn Israel for its indiscriminate bombing of Gaza that continues to inflict massive civilian casualties, the Green Party said today. Read more »

Murdering refugees in safe havens an Israeli forte, says MOH

Press Release
Gaza Ministry of Health, Palestine
July 30, 2014

UNRWA school (400 x 533)

Murdering refugees in safe havens an Israeli forte

Murdering desperate families in safe havens is fast becoming Israel’s forte. UNRWA’s Abu Hussein Elementary Girls School in Jabalia, housing 3,300 displaced people, was struck last night killing 15 and injuring 90, bringing the number of UNRWA schools attacked by the Israeli military to six. Read more »

Israeli attack on crowded market during ceasefire is ‘barbarity personified’ says MOH Gaza

Press Release
Gaza Ministry of Health, Palestine
July 30, 2014

sshujjeiyah (400 x 210)

Israeli attack on crowded market during ceasefire is ‘barbarity personified’

Ministry of Health Gaza is outraged at the Israeli massacre perpetrated during the so-called humanitarian ceasefire, when F-16s fired missiles into the crowded Shujeiyah market as hundreds took advantage of the lull to buy food and supplies.

At least 17 people have been killed and 200 injured.

“This atrocity is barbarity personified,” said Director General, Ministry of Health Dr Medhat Abbas.

Not satisfied with exterminating entire families in their own homes, not satisfied with killing people praying in mosques, not satisfied with killing patients, staff and visitors in hospitals, not satisfied with killing ambulance drivers as they retrieve the dead and injured, not satisfied with killing women and children sheltering in UNRWA schools, the Israeli death machine now blatantly attacks a crowded public market DURING a humanitarian ceasefire, in an unrivalled cruel and cynical exercise of savagery and barbarism. Read more »

Kiwi – Snake – Stick

Opinion – Simon O’Neill

Many years ago, the nice Army sent me to Singapore for two years. Much of our time was in the jungles of Malaysia, rich in many forms of less than hospitable wild life and on occasion, a young Kiwi would run afoul of a snake. In such cases, a general … Read more »

Britain: Tesco boycotts products from occupied West Bank

Article – Redress Information

Britains biggest supermarket chain, Tesco, will will no longer sell products originating from the Israeli-occupied West Bank starting September 2014, the Jewish Chronicle reports. Read more »

CLG Update – Israeli military resumes Gaza fighting

Column – Citizens for Legitimate Government

The Israeli military started fighting again in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, saying Hamas militants had ignored a 24-hour, humanitarian ceasefire requested by the United Nations…Residents in Gaza reported hearing heavy shelling east of Gaza City shortly after the announcement … Read more »

Unconditional Gaza ceasefire needed now

Press Release – New Zealand Labour Party

The Israeli response in Gaza is disproportionate and with the firing of tanks and mortars into civilian areas, increasingly indiscriminate, says Labours Foreign Affairs spokesperson David Shearer. Read more »

What more horrors are in store for Gaza?

Article – Stuart Littlewood

I wonder what Hamas and Israeli leaders are thinking as they survey the devastation in Gaza and review the death-toll and casualty figures? Or course, neither has to live among the ruins and clamber over the devastation. Read more »

Tear Fund Launches Emergency Appeal for Gaza

Press Release – TEAR Fund

As the death toll surpasses 1000 in Gaza, TEAR Fund has launched an appeal to help civilians caught up in the conflict between Israel and Palestine. TEAR Fund CEO and chairman of the NGO Disaster Relief Forum Ian McInnes said, the loss of civilian … Read more »

MOH Gaza Update 2100 hrs 29/07/2014

The Ministry of Health in Gaza reports the following statistics as at 2100 hours on Tuesday July 29, 2014.

Deaths: 1,210 – 287 children, 130 women 18-60 years, 57 persons over 60 years
Injuries: 6,896 – 2,164 children, 1,314 women 18-60 years, 282 over 60 years.
ICU: 121 patients

Statisitics 29-7-2014_E (400 x 571) Read more »

MOH Gaza: Muslim holy days marred by genocide in Gaza

Press Release
Gaza Ministry of Health, Palestine
July 29, 2014

Shifa Hospital Outpatients Department bombed

Shifa Hospital Outpatients Department bombed

The Ministry of Health Gaza is pained to express its deep sadness and outrage at the Israeli attacks on Gaza on our holy days of Eid al-Fitr.

In the last 24 hours, 120 people have been killed, bringing the total to 1,156.

Particularly distressing was the death in Al Bureij refugee camp of Diana Abu Jaber and her unborn baby only a week before his estimated date of delivery.

Diana’s home was struck by an F-16 airstrike.

“As it collapsed a concrete pillar fell on her,” reported Dr Kamal Khatab, Medical Superintendent of Al Aqsa Hospital. “A shell ripped her abdomen open, the unborn baby fell out and was hit in the head with shrapnel, and his brain matter was extruded. Both mother and baby died immediately.” Read more »

MOH Gaza Press Release: Al-Shati Park massacre

Press Release
Gaza Ministry of Health, Palestine
July 29, 2014

Victims of the Al-Shati Park massacre (AFP/Mahmoud Hams)

Victims of the Al-Shati Park massacre (AFP/Mahmoud Hams)

Eid al fitr. The end of Ramadan, the end of the fast. New clothes, lots of sweets, family visits. Celebrations of life and love.

Not in Gaza.

Instead, Israelis delivered a hefty dose of death and destruction in al-Shati Camp, splitting families and bodies alike.

Two adults and eight children killed as they rode the Ferris wheel or in a TukTuk in the park, over 40 injured, one of whom has since died.

This barbaric and deliberate attack on children in a public place on one of the two most significant Muslim holy days seals the Israeli reputation as one of the most perverse war criminals imaginable.

Many considered the calculated murder of the four children playing football on the beach on July 16, 2014 to be an atrocity and a clear war crime – nine more dead children in al-Shati’s park is an even more gross excess. Read more »

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