23 Palestinian members of parliament in Israeli jails

Source: Ma’an


Twenty-three Palestinian lawmakers are currently being held in Israeli jails, a majority of whom have been detained in the last two weeks during the Israeli arrest campaign across the West Bank, the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society said on Wednesday.

Eleven of the 23 members of the Palestinian Legislative Council were detained prior to the campaign, the first of whom was Marwan Barghouthi in 2002.

The two most recently-detained lawmakers were taken on Tuesday night during a raid in Bethlehem.

More than 500 Palestinians have been detained in the last two weeks as part of an Israeli search for three Jewish teenagers who went missing from the Gush Etzion settlement in the West Bank.

Detainees who have been tried and sentenced:

1. Marwan Barghouthi, Ramallah, sentenced to five life sentences.
2. Ahmad Saadat, Ramallah, sentenced to thirty years.
3. Ahmad Atwan, Jerusalem, suspended sentence.

Administrative detainees being held without charge or trial:

1. Mahmoud al-Rimhi, Ramallah.
2. Abduljaber Fuqahaa, Ramallah.
3. Muhammad Jamal al-Natsheh, Hebron.
4. Hatem Qfish, Hebron.
5. Nizar Ramadan, Hebron.
6. Muhammad Badr, Hebron.
7. Muhammad Abu Teir, Jerusalem.
8. Yassir Mansour, Nablus.

Detained during the recent Israeli campaign, some of whom have been sentenced to administrative detention:

1. Aziz Dweik, Hebron.
2. Hassan Youssif, Ramallah.
3. Ahmad Tahtuh, Jerusalem.
4. Abdulrahman Zeidan, Tulkarem.
5. Ibrahim Abu Salem, Jerusalem.
6. Husni al-Burini, Nablus.
7. Azzam Salhab, Hebron.
8. Ahmad Mubarak, Ramallah.
9. Ahmad al-Hajj ali, Nablus.
10. Ayman Daraghmah, Tubas.
11. Khalid Tafish, Bethlehem.
12. Anwar Zboun, Bethlehem.

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