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Euro-Mid Observer report documents thousands of Palestinian children seized by Israel every year; calls for international action

Euro-Mid Observer

Silence about abuse of Palestinian minors contrasts with outrage over 3 missing Israelis

Silence about abuse of Palestinian minors contrasts with outrage over 3 missing Israelis

Gaza City, Occupied Palestinian Territories, July 01st, 2014 — As Israel conducts a wave of mass home break-ins and arrests across the West Bank in retaliation for the alleged kidnapping of three youth from one of its illegal settlements, a new report documents that Palestinian children are at much greater, ongoing risk from Israeli forces. According to the report issued today by the Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights, Israel seizes between 2,000 and 3,000 Palestinian children and youth annually – with an average of 400 a year as young as 12-15. Read more »

Gaza Siege Committee slams unity government for worsening conditions

By Julie Webb-Pullman

Dr Merwan Aburaas and National Committee to Break the Siege members, Gaza City

Dr Merwan Aburaas and National Committee to Break the Siege members, Gaza City

Dr Merwan Aburaas, spokesperson of the National Committee to Break the Siege, told a press conference on Saturday that Gazans are very disillusioned with the unity government, not because the siege has not been lifted, but because conditions in Gaza have actually got worse.

“The National Committee is extremely concerned about the situation, but unfortunately, our concern has not so far been shared by the unity government or the Palestinian Authority (PA),” he said. Read more »

The Necessity of Ending the blockade of the Gaza Strip

Press Release
National Committee for Breaking the Siege

Dr Merwan Aburaas, spokesperson of the National Committe for Breaking the Siege, at the press conference on Saturday in Gaza City

Dr Merwan Aburaas, spokesperson of the National Committe for Breaking the Siege, at the press conference on Saturday in Gaza City

In the Name of Allah

The economic, commercial, financial and humanitarian blockade of the Gaza Strip by the Zionist entity is entering its eighth year, despite the protests of the United Nations, numerous humanitarian organisations, and international public opinion. The blockade is a potent indicator of Zionist policy towards this small portion of Palestinian territory standing up to the Zionist obsession to destroy the pre-existing unified state of Palestine, and achieve hegemony over the region.

This is clearly seen in the systematic tightening of the policy of economic suffocation and the strengthening and integration of laws and provisions that govern this policy. Read more »

Israeli forces continue attacks against Palestinians

Press Release – Palestinian Centre For Human Rights

Israeli forces continue systematic attacks against Palestinian civilians and property in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) Read more »

Striking Gaza health workers throw down the gauntlet to Abbas

By Julie Webb-Pullman
Source: Middle East Monitor

Salaries are a right, not a charity

Salaries are a right, not a charity

In a heated press conference outside Gaza’s Shifa Hospital on Thursday, striking Gaza health sector workers rejected any and all attempts by the so-called Palestinian Unity government to categorize the workforce into political factions in order to carry out discriminatory policies towards them.

“For seven years health workers of all factions have been working together to provide services to all Palestinians, to provide protection for their lives and fill the gaps created by the division,” said Mohammed Siyam, director of the Gaza Public Employees Union. “The government should admit that we are all legitimate employees – this is our main demand.” Read more »

OCHA News Brief: Occupied Palestinian Territory

Press Release
Spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights: Rupert Colville
Location: Geneva
27 June 2014

Israel / occupied Palestinian territory

We are following with increasing concern the human rights situation in the context of the ongoing operations by Israeli security forces after three Israeli teenagers went missing close to the city of Hebron in the occupied West Bank over two weeks ago, on 12 June. Read more »

The real targets of Operation Brother’s Keeper are Hamas and unity government

Source: Afro-Middle East Centre

Rally Calling for Reconciliation Between Hamas and Fatah in Gaza

On 12 June 2014, three teenage boys were reported missing from Gush Etzion, an Israeli settlement in the West Bank near Hebron. The Israeli government quickly accused Hamas of kidnapping the boys and announced ‘Operation Brother’s Keeper’ – the most extensive military deployment on the West Bank since the second intifada. Israeli officials said the operation had two objectives: to find the missing settlers; and to crack down on Hamas. Thus, the operation must be understood in the context of US Secretary of State John Kerry’s failed peace initiative, and the decision by Fatah and Hamas to form a unity government. The operation has substantially targeted Hamas: 500 abductions/arrests have already occurred; 354 of these are Hamas members and twelve are parliamentarians who could have served in a unity government. Read more »

Breaking News: Israeli air-strike kills two in Gaza near ex-PM’s residence

Instead of celebrating his wedding today, the family of Mohammed al-Faseeh will be holding his funeral after he was killed by an Israeli attack on this car.

Instead of celebrating his wedding today, the family of Mohammed al-Faseeh will be holding his funeral after he was killed by an Israeli attack on this car.

At least two Palestinians were killed and several injured in an Israeli air-strike on a car in Shaati Camp, near ex-Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh’s residence.

Head of Shifa Hospital emergency department Dr Ayman Sahabani confirmed the two deaths.

Initial reports have identified the dead as Mohammed al-Husoumi and Mohammed al-Faseeh of Alweiat Alnaser Brigades, the military wing of Popular Resistance Committees.

Mohammed al-Faseeh was to have got married today.

Israeli Embassy: The Kidnapper’s Handbook by Hamas

Press Release – Embassy of Israel

Hamas has published three versions of a kidnapper’s handbook, guides that provide practical and doctrinal information for carrying out attacks. The following analyses of the handbooks are based on open-source materials. Read more »

23 Palestinian members of parliament in Israeli jails

Source: Ma’an


Twenty-three Palestinian lawmakers are currently being held in Israeli jails, a majority of whom have been detained in the last two weeks during the Israeli arrest campaign across the West Bank, the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society said on Wednesday.

Eleven of the 23 members of the Palestinian Legislative Council were detained prior to the campaign, the first of whom was Marwan Barghouthi in 2002.

The two most recently-detained lawmakers were taken on Tuesday night during a raid in Bethlehem. Read more »

Palestinian Administrative Detainees suspend Hunger Strike

Supporters of hunger-striking prisoners can eat again

Supporters of hunger-striking prisoners can eat again

AlQuds Ramallah

by Ali Samoudi

Sixty-three Palestinian administrative detainees have suspended the hunger strike they started 63 days ago.

President of the prisoners Club Qaddura Fares told Alquds.Com that the prisoners signed an agreement to suspend the hunger strike, and in return the administration will meet many of their demands. He added that all of the details will be announced at a press conference today in accordance with the desire of the prisoners. Read more »

Breaking News: Administrative detainees suspend hunger strike

by samidoun

In the early morning of June 25, after 63 days of hunger strike, Palestinian administrative detainees announced they were suspending their strike, with details of their agreement with the prison administration to be announced at a press conference at 10 AM on June 25.

Ma’an News reported that lawyer Ashraf Abu Sneineh and the Prisoners’ leading committee of the hunger strike at Tal Hashomer hospital signed the agreement.

Ban says Israelis, Palestinians Must Show Restraint

Press Release – UN News

Israeli soldiers search a Palestinian’s car at the Hawera checkpoint outside the town of Nablus in the West Bank. Photo: IRIN/Kobi Wolf Read more »

Gaza under attack – again

So far tonight two airstrikes in North Gaza, three in Nuseirat in middle Gaza, one in Khan Younes and F-16s still roaring about overhead.

Gaza’s solidarity hunger strikers slam international inaction

by Julie Webb-Pullman

Gazan families and supporters of prisoners losing faith in the international community

Gazan families and supporters of prisoners losing faith in the international community

The scene outside the International Committee of the Red Cross in Gaza on Monday morning reflected the growing dissatisfaction amongst families and supporters of Palestinian prisoners with the inaction of both their own authorities, and that of the international community. Read more »

Hunger Strikers Continue their Battle of Empty Stomachs Despite Daily Humiliation and Threats of Force-Feeding

ADDAMEER Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association

24 June 2014 Occupied Ramallah

One hundred Palestinian administrative detainees continue their 62nd day on hunger strike in protest of the policy of administrative detention, which has denied them their right to know their charges or stand trial.

Solidarity strikers stopped their strikes due to their deteriorating health conditions and the Israeli Prison Service’s (IPS) refusal to negotiate with the hunger strikers. Addameer Prisoners Support and Human Rights Association is deeply concerned about the deteriorating health conditions of the hunger strikers, especially in light of the degrading and inhumane treatment they are subjected to in Israeli prisons and hospitals.

“Difficult and Humiliating” Daily Suffering

Signed affidavits from several detainees has confirmed the continued policy of shackling the hunger strikers in hospital 24 hours a day with their legs tied to the bed continuously and one hand shackled to the bed for 12 hours (from 7PM to 7AM) every night. Prisoners have also described the horrific and degrading conditions they are subjected to in order to use the restroom or shower. The intentionally humiliating process has been described by a hunger striker in Barzilai Medical Center: Read more »

West Bank Update

Palestinian human rights sources:

The number of Palestinians arrested by Israeli troops since the start of the Israeli campaign in the West Bank rose by 61 Monday, reaching a total of 529 Palestinians detained in the last 12 days.

Israel maintains gag order in missing teens’ case, leading to charge of media ‘manipulation’

Source: Mondoweiss

by Adam Horowitz, Scott Roth and Philip Weiss

The Israeli government has imposed a gag order on journalists covering the apparent abduction of three Jewish teens in the West Bank last week to keep media from reporting details of its investigation.

The gag order, which we publish below, has prevented media from reporting on an emergency telephone call made by one of the abducted youths. A widespread rumor is that the sound of a shot can be heard on the call. Mondoweiss has talked with one Israeli source who claims to have listened to the recording and confirms gunshots can be heard. This rumor has fed speculation that Israeli authorities believe one or more of the boys is dead– speculation that has appeared in print. Read more »

ADC Condemns Israel’s Deadly Raids in West Bank

Press Release – American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) strongly condemns the recent raids by Israeli security forces throughout the occupied West Bank, killing of innocent Palestinian civilians, and detention of hundreds of Palestinians including children … Read more »

West Bank Update: Detentions continue, medical situation critical

hospital (400 x 266)

The number of Palestinians detained in the West Bank has now risen to 471.

11 of them are parliamentarians, including the speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Dr Aziz Dwaik.

There are six dead, and 118 injured of whom 17 are in a critical condition.

There are not enough doctors available to cover the needs of the hospitals and clinics, and there is a shortage of medications and supplies.

The Ministry of Health has requested five truck-loads of medical supplies be permitted entry into Hebron, but Israel has so far prevented their delivery.

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