Siyam: 3,000 Ramallah security personnel integrating with Gaza security services

Gaza Security Services

Gaza Security Services

Gaza- Government Media Office

Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Abdel Salam Siyam announced that administrative arrangements are underway for 3,000 PA security service personnel to return to work in the Gaza security services, which will remain unchanged for the transitional period.

“The Hamas government in Gaza took a strategic decision to progress the reconciliation process by overcoming the obstacles,” Siyam said, adding that the reconciliation pact doesn’t establish new agreements but merely implements previous ones.

“It [the pact] includes terms related to the security situation, which in turn contains considerable detail, some of which pertain to the security doctrine, criminalizing security coordination with Israel, and administrative arrangements for returning 3,000 security personnel into the existing Gaza security services, which will remain unchanged during the transitional period,” Siyam concluded.

Translation by Adham T. Ashqar

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