Palestinian National Youth Council to be formed

Youth Council (400 x 267)


by Abdulqader Hassona

The recently-formed youth consultative council has announced its prime objective is to form a national body for Palestinian youth with representation from young people in all provinces.

Council member Ahmed Al Ali said in the program ‘Government Files’ broadcast on Palestinian radio station AlRay, “The consultative council is made up of volunteers providing consultancy the Minister of Youth and Sport, Mohammed Al Madhoun. It will connect youth with officials, and will take responsibility for the concerns and aspirations of youth.”

Al Ali said the council has 27 members from youth centres, student committees and trade unions. It includes both genders without discrimination.

He explained the council is divided into four: a public relations and media committee, a developments and projects committee, a national work committee and a legal committee.

The council does not have a political agenda for its work.

“The council conducted many workshops and meetings, and visited various student committees and civil society centres, resulting in wide consultation and a positive outcome, including building of trust,” Al Ali reported.

Regarding its aims, Al Ali said that the main objective is to establish a representative body to express the will of young people in Gaza and the West Bank, but it will also seek to implement the youth law passed by the Legislative Council, which includes establishing a youth parliament with wide powers.

It is expected that young people will be able to raise issues, propose ideas and communicate with the council through social media such as Facebook.

Al Ali expressed his hope that the recent political reconciliation will contribute to facilitating the youth council’s activities.

Translation by Abdallah Abulaban

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