Pride of place for locally-made rocket


The Al-Qassam Brigades in Gaza said it has succeeded in developing crude rockets, and knows many weak points of the Israeli military.

The statement of the armed wing of Hamas came during the inauguration of the ‘Martyr Ibrahim al-Maqadmah’ square in northern Gaza strip.

M75 honours Ibrahim al-Maqadmah (Photo by Alray)

Taking pride of place in the square ia a monument dedicated to Ibrahim al-Maqadmah, a Hamas leader assassinated in March 2003 in an Israeli apache raid. It consists of a model of the locally-made M75 rocket with a map of historic Palestine topping it.

During the press conference at the opening of the square a Qassam commander said that by developing its own rocket, which has a range of 75 kilometres, Hamas has proved that it can take the fight to the heart of Israel.

The military brigades used M75 rockets to hit occupied Jerusalem and Tel Aviv during the November 2012 Hamas-billed ‘Operation Stones of Baked Clay’ (Israeli-billed ‘Pillar of Defense’).

The ‘M’ refers to the initial letter of Hamas leader Maqadmah, and ’75’ to the rocket’s estimated range.

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