Hamas: Resistance is the only path for a free Palestine

Gaza PM & Deputy Chief of Hamas politburo Ismail Haniyeh addresses rally honouring Hamas Founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin

Gaza PM & Deputy Chief of Hamas politburo Ismail Haniyeh addresses rally honouring Hamas Founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin

Gaza, ALRAY – Prime Minister and Deputy Chief of Hamas Politburo Ismail Haniyeh on Sunday said the movement does not and will never pursue power, but is aimed at liberation of the ‘Homeland,’ in a speech to a well-attended festival ‘Loyalty and Adherence on Leader Martyrs Anniversary’ organized by Hamas on the 10th anniversary of the death of its founder Ahmed Yassin, and leader Abdel Aziz Rantisi.

Hamas Not Power-Seeker

“Take all the [political] powers and positions and keep the homeland; do not give up Jerusalem; do not give up the right of return,” Haniyeh said, referring to the Fatah movement, a hardcore supporter of the so called ‘peace process.’

The Hamas leader drew a path for Palestinians to follow amid the harsh current political realities in Gaza and the West Bank: to end division and build real national unity, and to refurbish the Palestinian political structure in the framework of the Palestine Liberation Organization, on the basis of democracy and partnership.

Peace Process

“Today’s festival stands as a popular referendum on the resistance programme,” Haniyeh said, calling on the Fatah party to suspend the ‘futile negotiations.’

“The peace process has failed to fulfill anything; only polished the image of the ‘generous’ Zionists, and provided a cover for their aggressive practices of settlement, Judaization and terrorism,” Haniyeh added.

The ‘negotiations’ is not a common interest to Palestinians, their political representatives, and the elite he said.

Thousands rally in Gaza

Thousands rally in Gaza

Israeli Threats

Haniyeh said the Israeli threats against Gaza are no longer valid.

“We hear and see some threats against Gaza and the resistance, including the threat to reoccupy Gaza; the time of threats has gone and will never return; any act of aggression or crime will cost you dearly,” he said in a message to the Israeli occupation.

Defamation of Hamas

The outspoken prime minister Haniyeh reiterated that Hamas has no part in the intrenal affairs of other Arab states, affirming, “We do not have any military or security role in the Sinai or any other place in Egypt.”

“Hamas is a national liberation movement that hope for the Arab nations to be united in their efforts for the Palestinian Cause and for Jerusalem,” he stressed.

“All accusations against the movement being aired in the media here and there are untrue, Palestinians in Gaza should not be punished for no reason,” he said.

Gaza Siege

“Gaza, though reeling under difficult circumstances and severe challenges, is not terrified or shaken, this is not the worst we have experienced.”

Haniyeh drew an analogy between Gaza and late leader Ahmed Yassin, saying that despite being wheelchair-bound, Yassin made history and revived the resistance movement in Palestine with his launch of Hamas.

Jenin Massacre

On the Israeli massacre of three Jenin camp resistance fighters, including the son of jailed Hamas leader Hamza Abu Haija, Haniyeh said, “The martyrdom of three Palestinians of different political affiliations confirms that resistance unites Palestinians and peace process scatters them.”

“What happened in Jenin is a lesson that resistance is the only way to liberate the land of Palestine and Jerusalem,” he said.

“These crowds came today to respond to the Jenin massacre and to hail the resistance fighters in West Bank, to send the message that we are with you, our people in the West Bank; the fight is one; the choice is one,” he said.

Source: Alray

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