UFree Network: Abu Sisi’s Health Deteriorates Dramatically

Press Release – Ufree Network

UFree Network to defend the rights of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli Jails expressed its deep concern about the life of Dirar Abu Sisi, 42, Abducted and imprisoned in Israeli jails. Abu Sisi was kidnapped from Ukraine over 2 years and then transferred to Israel. According to his family, he was beaten and tortured by Israeli authorities at many occasions.

According to his wife Veronika Abu Sisi, a Ukrainian citizen, Dirar’s health is getting poorer day after day. 

“He has problems with his blood pressure as well as kidney. He also suffers from Heart stroke from time to time. Dirar also suffers from ‘slipped disc’ and eye cornea problems. She added: Dirar is facing psychological problems due to the constant pressure and torture practised against him”.

Veronika also stated that Dirar is due to be present at an Israeli court for a hearing session on the 15th of September 2013. She further added that Israel is trying to fabricate some witnesses against him although they don’t know Dirar and have no connections with him at all.

The family appealed to Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, to make sure that Dirar is included in any prisoner’s release deals conducted with Israel. The family members have already sent personal letter to Mr. Abbas urging him to end the suffering of the family and Dirar.

His health problems will deteriorate especially Dirar is under solitary confinement since his detention. Israel is apparently attempting to pressure him to confess under torture, a practice that is part of illegal Israeli measures against Palestinian political prisoners and detainees.

According to Dirar’s defence team, Israeli court imposed media blackout on his files where media outlets are not allowed to publish any details.

It is worth noting that Abu Sisi was kidnapped from Ukraine by Israeli Mossad in cooperation with the Ukrainian intelligence.  Dirar is a Ukrainian resident who was due to obtain his permanent residency in Ukraine.

Israeli authorities accused Dirar of developing Palestinian rockets. The claim has been denied by Abu Sisi and his family.

UFree Network launched an international campaign to support Abu Sisi. The campaign gathered hundreds of signatures calling for releasing Abu Sisi and holding Israeli authorities accountable for the crime committed against him.


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