Hamdan: Resumption of Talks Is Political Suicide

Press Release – Palestinian Information Centre

BEIRUT, (PIC)– The leader in Hamas movement Osama Hamdan considered the PA decision to resume talks with the Israeli authorities as a political suicide at the expense of the Palestinian rights.

Mahmoud Abbas’s experiences with negotiations were all at the expense of the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people’s rights and constants, he added. 

Resumption of talks in Washington would be not only political stupidity but also political suicide.

How little the Palestinians have gained from decades of previous peace talks? How do negotiations protect them from Israeli aggressions? How do negotiations protect the Palestinian holy sites? He asked.

Concerning the national reconciliation, Hamdan confirmed that Hamas has made many substantial concessions to achieve reconciliation; however the second party did not present any commitment to the reconciliation talks and agreements.

For his part, Hossam Badran, a leader in the Islamic movement, stressed on the Palestinian people’s refusal to the negotiation principle, considering it as “the path of compromise and concessions.”

The path of compromise and concessions has started since Oslo accords and it achieves nothing in profit of the Palestinian people, he pointed out.

He said that keeping the same Palestinian figures in leading the negotiation file despite their previous failure proves the PA imbalance.

Badran renews his movement rejection of the resumption of talks especially in light of the Israeli extremist government.

In the same context, the former minister of prisoners’ affairs Wasfi Qabaha stated that the PA decision to resume talks under the U.S. State Department John Kerry’s mediation foil reconciliation efforts.

He called on PA and Fatah movement to provide the appropriate atmosphere for achieving reconciliation that translates the Palestinian people aspirations.


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