Barhoum Denounces Abbas Call For Destruction of Gaza Tunnels

Press Release – Palestinian Information Center

GAZA, (PIC)– Fawzi Barhoum, a Hamas spokesman, denounced PA chief Mahmoud Abbas for championing the destruction of Gaza tunnels and for rejecting a joint trade zone between Gaza and Egypt.

Barhoum, in a statement on his Facebook page on Tuesday, said that Israel was not demanding a return to supervising the Rafah border terminal and did not ask for reviving the 2005 agreement that used to regulate the terminal’s work. 

However, the spokesman noted that Abbas was asking for a return to that agreement that returns Israeli intelligence and European observers to monitor traffic on that crossing between Egypt and Gaza.

Barhoum said that the agreement caused suffering among the almost two million Palestinians inhabiting the besieged enclave.

Abbas told reporters during a single day visit to Cairo that goods should continue to pour into Gaza via what he called “legitimate crossings”. He also called for closure of the tunnels on condition that Gaza populace would not be affected by their closure.


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