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Palestinian Deaths Proportional to Life of 2-State Solution

Article – Dan Lieberman

It is perilous and unbecoming to argue with and contradict the icons of our global society. Those who struggle courageously for the rights of others and speak eloquently with word and deed against war and tyranny deserve praise and comfort. They are beautiful … Read more »

Greenpeace Welcomes FSC Decision to Disassociate from Danzer

Press Release – Greenpeace International

Amsterdam, May 21, 2013 Greenpeace International welcomes the Forest Stewardship Councils (FSC) decision to disassociate itself from the timber multinational Danzer Group following a complaint that one of the companys former subsidiaries was involved … Read more »

Israel’s racist and ethnocentric view

Column – Jamal Kanj

Palestinians are this week commemorating the 65th anniversary of Al Nakba (the disaster). On May 15, 1948, Israel was declared a nation on the ruins of more than 500 townships and 800,000 expelled Palestinians. Read more »

Uri Avnery’s Specious Attack on the One State Solution

Article – John Spritzler

Uri Avnery may be the most sophisticated defender of Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. He defends this ethnic cleansing while posing as a great friend and sympathizer of Palestinians, supposedly proven by his opposition to Israel’s occupation … Read more »

Case agaist Jewish state part II: It’s all about appeasing

Column – Jamal Kanj

US Secretary of State John Kerry has succeeded in tailoring yet another peace initiative to appease Israel. But it took Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu no time to effectively reject the offer, telling Kerry and company it was not occupation … Read more »

US State Department: Daily Press Briefing – May 8, 2013

Press Release – US State Department

First of all, Deputy Secretary Burns is headed to New Delhi to continue the very productive dialogue our two governments now enjoy in the wide range of political, economic, and security issues. The strategic partnership with India is of great importance … Read more »

Speech to NZ Institute of International Affairs

Speech – New Zealand Government

Thank you for the opportunity to provide such an important gathering with an update on New Zealands Foreign Policy. Minister of Foreign Affairs. Read more »

New Jobs Empower Families in Occupied Palestinian Territory

Press Release – UN News

Another 8,000 families in the occupied Palestinian territory will get jobs and small business loans, the United Nations development agency today said, as part of a partnership implemented with the Palestinian Authority and funded through the Islamic Development … Read more »

Israeli and Palestinian Leaders Must Take Concrete Action

Press Release – UN News

Welcoming renewed international engagement in the Middle East peace process, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today said that building on that support required Israeli and Palestinian political leaders to move beyond words and tackle final status issues in a … Read more »