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Palestinian children arrested after attack by settler kids

Press Release – International Solidarity Movement

Israeli military today arrested three Palestinian boys, aged around 10, in Hebron after they were attacked by several children from illegal settlements in the centre of the city. One Swedish activist was also arrested after intervening in the arrests … Read more »

Need for peace processes across Middle East as Syria worsens

Press Release – UN News

With a grim tragedy unfolding in Syria, the United Nations Political Chief told the Security Council today that at this moment of increased risk across the entire Middle East, rapid action was needed not only to address the impact of that … Read more »

Palestinian Prisoners’ Solidarity month continues

Press Release – UFree

UFree Network to defend the rights of Palestinian prisoners along with Yousef AlSedeeq for prisoners’ protection institute launched a number of activities to support Palestinian prisoners. The events come as part of April, the Solidarity Month announced … Read more »

In Praise of Emotion in Peacemaking

Column – Uri Avnery

It was a moving experience. Moments that spoke not only to the mind, but also and foremost to the heart. Last Sunday, on the eve of Israels Remembrance Day for the fallen in our wars, I was invited to an event organized by the activist … Read more »

Julie Webb-Pullman: Kiwi Kindness Warms Gazan Nights

Article – Julie Webb-Pullman

The days might now dawn sunny and blue in Gaza, but the nights still have a bitter bite. Thanks to the generosity of New Zealanders, some of the poorest and coldest in Gaza will now sleep warmly, wrapped in cosy blankets courtesy of the Kiwi Trust … Read more »

Palestinian Prisoners Day: Al-Issawi Next To Die?

Press Release – MAD – Media Activists for Detainees

Will Samer Al-Issawi die in an Israeli jail, just like Maysara AbuHamdiya? Or will the international community move today, the International Day for Palestinian Prisoners, to save his life? Read more »

Israelis re-arrest former hunger striker Thaer Halahela

Press Release – UFree

UFree Network to defend the rights of Palestinian prisoners condemned the re-arrest of the former-prisoner Thaer Halahela on Wednesday from his home in the city of Ramallah in the West Bank. Read more »

UNRWA collectively punishing Gaza refugees

Article – Julie Webb-Pullman

UNRWA’s response to protests in Gaza against the cutting of ‘services’ has been to suspend all food deliveries to Gaza refugees. A more clear-cut example of collective punishment would be hard to find. Read more »

Julie Webb-Pullman: Palestinian Refugees Rock UNRWA

Article – Julie Webb-Pullman

Palestinian refugees from two of the most impoverished refugee camps in Gaza, Jabaliya and Shatti camps, today launched their own siege of the UNRWA field office in Gaza City. Hundreds and men, women and children arrived around noon to protest at … Read more »

Palestinian Detainees Issue Must Not Be Buried With Hamdiyeh

Article – Julie Webb-Pullman

As Palestinian detainee Maysara Abu Hamdiyeh was being buried in Hebron, the Palestinian Minister of Religious Affairs Ismail Al Radwan was denouncing his murder at the mourning tent set up in his honour in Gaza City by the Ministry for Detainees and Ex-Detainees … Read more »

Turkey’s Unsustainable Politics in the Middle East

Column – Ramzy Baroud

Confused may be an appropriate term to describe Turkeys current foreign policy in the Middle East and Israel in particular. The source of that confusion – aside from the appalling violence in Syria and earlier in Libya is Turkeys … Read more »

Palestinian Detainee Death: We are all Maysara Abu Hamdiyeh

Article – Julie Webb-Pullman

Maysara Abu Hamdiyeh died today shackled to his hospital bed, the latest victim of Israels cruel, degrading and inhuman treatment of Palestinian detainees. Suffering from cancer since at least August 2012, he was not told of his diagnosis or given … Read more »

Israel continues to kill Palestinian prisoners inside Jails

Press Release – UFree

Early this morning a Palestinian prisoner, Maysara Abu Hamdya, died in the Israeli jails. The death of Abu Hamdya can be labeled as direct assignation where Israel left him to die without providing him the required medications. Abu Hamdya suffered … Read more »


Column – Uri Avnery

So, finally our Prime Minister has apologized to Turkey for operational mistakes that might have led to the death of nine Turks during the attack on MV Mavi Marmara, the ship which tried to break the Israeli blockade on Gaza. It took him … Read more »