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Turkey’s Difficult Choice in Palestine, Israel

Column – Ramzy Baroud

An Israeli-Turkish rapprochement is unmistakably underway, but unlike the heyday of their political alignment of the1990s, the revamped relationship is likely to be more guarded and will pose a greater challenge to Turkey rather than to Israel. Read more »

Photographing Tragedy: What Victims Actually Want

Column – Ramzy Baroud

When one looks at scenes of fleeing refugees from Syria via images of their squalid refugee camps and hears their pleas for solidarity, mercy or for Gods help to end their suffering, one finds eerie similarities between their experiences and those … Read more »

Kiwi Kids’s Messages Of Peace And Friendship Reach Gaza

Article – Julie Webb-Pullman

Kiwi Kidss Messages Of Peace And Friendship Reach Gaza – This Is How You Do It, Richard Prosser by Julie Webb-Pullman In April 2012 a group of students from Beit Hanoun in Gaza sent pictures and greetings to New Zealand children, reported at the … Read more »

Rally for Palestinian prisoners in occupied West Bank

Press Release – UFree

A public rally has been staged in support of Palestinian prisoners in the occupied city of Al Bierah, West Bank last Friday. The event has been organised by Yousef Al Sedeek Institute for Prisoners Protection (YAIPP) and UFree Network to defend … Read more »

Palestine: Rally to support hunger strikers in West Bank

Press Release – UFree

UFree Network to defend the rights of Palestinian prisoners along with a number of human rights’ organisations are organising a rally in West Bank to support Palestinian hunger strikers. The rally on Monday 11th Feb. 2013 from 11am where families or prisoners … Read more »

Israel upgrades its electricity lines to Gaza

Press Release – Embassy of Israel in Wellington

The “Grizim” underground electrical lines that supply electricity from Israel to Gaza’s northern region have been refurbished and upgraded over the past week. These lines supply 12.5 MW of electricity, which constitutes ten percent of the total amount … Read more »