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Will Syria Go on the Offensive at The Hague? – Franklin Lamb

Opinion – Franklin Lamb

Even before the historic 139 to 8 vote of the UN General Assembly on November 29 of this year which opened up a plethora of legal remedies for Palestinians, a legal intifada to borrow a phrase from Francis Boyle, Professor of International … Read more »

Losses and Damages Resulting from Israeli Offensive Nov 14-2

Press Release – Government Media Office – Gaza

PRESS RELEASE Ministry of Information Government Media Office Losses and Damages in Various Sectors Resulting from Israeli Offensive 14-21 November Read more »

Lebanese politicians continue playing the Palestinians

Column – Franklin Lamb

The Gaza resistance to last month’s Israeli aggression, and the 138 to 9 UN General Assembly vote, most people of good will might agree, are important “victories” for the nearly 11 million Palestinians ethnically cleaned from their country Palestine … Read more »

Israel must deliver on ceasefire agreement in the Gaza Strip

Press Release – OHCHR

The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel since 1967, Richard Falk, called today on Israel to abide by and fully implement the cease fire agreement that ended the recent crisis … Read more »

Israel Must Abide By Gaza Ceasefire Agreement

Press Release – UN News

Israel must abide by and fully implement the ceasefire agreement that ended the recent crisis in Gaza, stressed a United Nations independent expert, who called on the international community to exert pressure over the country to fulfil its obligations and investigate … Read more »

The Cease Fire Deal: Are there Any Winners?

Opinion – Center for Political Development Studies – CPDS

The Cease Fire Deal: Are there Any Winners? 27 November 2012 By Hani Abu-Aushiba Read more »

Palestine Historic Victory: Another Rejection of Occupation

Column – Franklin Lamb

The United Nations General Assembly vote of 11/29/12, which some in Lebanon’s 12 Palestinian refugee camps are calling a “birth certificate for our country” is the latest of more than 400 UN resolutions on the Question of Palestine and a rare … Read more »

ICRC carry on in aftermath of recent violence in Gaza

Press Release – International Committee of the Red Cross

As people begin to recover from the recent hostilities, the ICRC and its partners within the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement are carrying on with their humanitarian work. Read more »

A Different War in Gaza, and the War Ahead

Column – Ramzy Baroud

In life, some phenomena cannot be explained by ordinary logic or technical language, let alone official discourses. How did Gaza manage to fight back with such ferocity and undying vigor in quelling the latest Israeli war despite years of a bloody siege … Read more »