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Press Release – Palestinian Government in Gaza

25 November 2012 Taher Al Nono, spokesperson for the Palestinian Government in Gaza, held a Press Conference at the Government Media Office.Palestinian Government Press Statement

25 November 2012

Taher Al Nono, spokesperson for the Palestinian Government in Gaza, held a Press Conference at the Government Media Office.

Taher Al Nono in Gaza City

Al Nono told assembled media that a Palestinian Government meeting yesterday headed by Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh discussed the consequences of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, and the following decisions were made:

1. Everyone who died in the aggression will be considered a martyr;

2. The Palestinian Government appreciates the ceasefire agreement that the Palestinian Resistance achieved, and the Egyptian role in reaching this agreement, and emphasised the historic nature of the unity between the factions as a result of the agreement;

3. The Palestinian Government will send a high official delegation to Cairo, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Ziad Al Zaza, to continue negotiating the ceasefire agreement relating to borders, the conditions of lifting the siege, and the distance at which fisherman may work;

4. The Palestinian Government reiterates their appreciation of the Egyptian role, which included supporting the decision of the Palestinian people, supporting the Palestinian Resistance, standing in solidarity with them, and helping the Palestinian people and the Resistance to achieve their demands;

5. The Palestinian Government welcomes any delegation that comes to Gaza in solidarity with the Palestinian people or to support them, either with humanitarian aid or political support. He called on Arab and Islamic leaders and high-level officials of international organisations to continue to support the Palestinian people;

6. Due to the victory that the Palestinian Resistance has achieved, and to emphasise the resulting unity, the Palestinian Government has decided to give amnesty to all of those facing legal action as a result of the Fatah-Hamas conflict of 2006. A committee will be formed to ensure the implementation of this decision in order to achieve national reconciliation, which is the demand of the Palestinian people;

7. The Palestinian Government asked the Ministry of Works to produce the final figures of numbers of buildings affected by the attacks as soon as possible, in order to compensate the sacrifices made by the population. He said that there were 200 homes completely destroyed and about 8000 partially damaged. About 46 government and security buildings were completely destroyed, plus one health centre and three mosques. The financial costs of the damage are estimated to be over 1 billion dollars. Direct damages are estimated at 545 million, with indirect damages at 700 million;

8. A committee will be formed to investigate the unlawful killing of people during the days of war.

Translation: Fatma Al Hasham

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