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Operation Pillar of Defence: Death via Social Media

Column – Binoy Kampmark

Social media has become a fixation for those dying the slow lonely life in suburbia to residents of frenetic inner metropolises. It galvanises political movements and enables groups to challenge mummified structures of power. But what is often forgotten … Read more »

Martin Doyle cartoon: Gazing at Gaza

Opinion – Martin Doyle

Some thoughts fired in from someone who is not himself a Gazan nor an Israeli. Read more »

20 Gazans Including 4 Children Killed Since This Morning

Press Release – Gaza Interior Ministry

20 Gazans Including 4 Children Killed Since This Morning By Israeli Raids On Gaza Strip Read more »

Another Morning Of Israel’s Aggression – Death Toll 83

Press Release – Gaza Interior Ministry

The early hours of Monday morning have seen the death and injury of more Palestinian civilians in Israeli aerial attacks on the Gaza Strip bringing the death toll to 83 victims. Read more »

81 Killed And More Than 700 Injured In Israeli Raids On Gaza

Press Release – Gaza Interior Ministry

The Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip caused dozens of martyrs and hundreds of wounded amongst Palestinian civilians including children, women, and elderly. Read more »

Gaza Updates: Journalists Killed in New Strike on Gaza

Article – Julie Webb-Pullman

Ramez Najeeb Harb, 39 years old, Journalist and Salem Swelam, a Palestinian christian cameraman were killed and another cameraman injured in an Israeli strike on the Al-Shrouq Building in Gaza City at 14:05 Gaza time, 19-Nov-2012 Read more »

Gaza: Israel targets journalists with US toxic weapons

Article – Julie Webb-Pullman

As the death threats I wrote about yesterday were obviously not working, in the early hours of this morning Israel launched three missiles at the Gaza offices of the Al Quds Satellite channel in Al Shawa Hosari Tower, injuring five workers, one of whom … Read more »

Gaza Updates: Deaths and Injuries | Diplomacy | Media

Article – Julie Webb-Pullman

Gaza Update: Deaths and Injuries

Updated 7:00 pm

Martyrs – 69 (20 children, 8 women, and 9 elderly persons)
Injured – 660 (224 children, 113 women and 50 elderly persons)

November 18, 2012 |
Spot the Difference: Gaza Council of Ministers

Look at the video filmed yesterday outside the Council of Ministers.

Now look at the photograph taken from a few metres further back today. Can you spot the differences? (Clue: the stairs Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh descended in the video are the same as the ones in the photo.)

Click for big version.

Gaza Council of Ministers today

November 17, 2012 |
Read more »

NZ PM John Key needs to raise plight of Gaza on world stage

Press Release – New Zealand Green Party

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key should use any opportunity he gets to talk to President Barack Obama to raise the plight of civilians in Gaza, the Green Party said today. John Key and Barack Obama are both attending a dinner to start the East … Read more »

EU as an Enabler of Netanyahu’s Colonial Policies

Column – Ramzy Baroud

Europe is different, as we are often reminded. The general wisdom is unlike the United States’ unconditional support for Israel. European countries tend to be more balanced in their approach to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Their politicians are less … Read more »

Gaza Updates: Casualties | Numbers from Health Ministry

Article – Julie Webb-Pullman

Attack on Saleh house in Jabalia: 5 still under the rubble

In another crime against humanity, Israel targeted a civilian house in Jabalia refugee camp, and five people are reported to still be under the rubble.

More than 25 injuries from the Jabalia attacks, mostly children, have just arrived at Kamal-Odwan hospital.

Children arriving at Kamal-Odwan hospital – November 17, 2012 Read more »

Gaza Updates: Egypt Delegation to Gaza | Protest in London

Article – Julie Webb-Pullman

Egyptian Prime Minister Leads High-Level Solidarity Delegation to Gaza The Palestinian government today welcomed to Gaza an Egyptian delegation headed by Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Qandil, which included the Minister of Health, the Minister of Labour … Read more »

NZ must make position clear on Israel-Gaza conflict

Press Release – Green Party

The Government needs to urgently and clearly state New Zealand’s views on the violence in Israel and Gaza, the Green Party said today. Read more »

Slaughter in Gaza

Slaughter in Gaza
Ayman Qwaider

For the last three days, Israel has been savagely launching aerial attacks on Gaza. The Israeli Air Force has conducted nearly 600 airstrikes resulting in at least 39 fatalities (including 10 children) and over 350 injuries, the vast majority of whom are civilians. The attacks are part of a larger and massively depressing spectacle of a usurping land-grabbing colony forcing a defenseless population into a wall-enclosed ghetto, and systematically starving and then bombing them. Read more »

Another Superfluous War – Uri Avnery

Opinion – Uri Avnery

HOW DID it start? Stupid question. Conflagrations along the Gaza Strip don’t start. They are just a continuous chain of events, each claimed to be in “retaliation” for the previous one. Action is followed by reaction, which is followed by retaliation, … Read more »

Official Urges All Parties in Gaza And Israel to Pull Back

Press Release – United Nations

UN Rights Official Urges All Parties in Gaza And Israel to Pull Back From Confrontation Read more »

Secretary-General ‘Extremely Concerned’ Over Gaza Violence

Press Release – United Nations

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is “extremely “>concerned” about the continued violence in Gaza and Israel and deeply worried by the rising cost in terms of civilian lives, his spokesperson said today. Read more »

Gaza Under Attack: International Eyewitness Call For Action

Article – International Eyewitnesses in Gaza

Gaza Under Attack: International Eyewitnesses Call For Action
Wednesday, 14 November 2012, Gaza City

Beginning at 3:35 pm today, the Gaza Strip has been shaken by several Israeli army attacks from drones, apaches, F-16s, and naval vessels. One of the first people killed was Ahmed al-Jabari, chief of staff of Hamas’ military wing. Palestinian factions vowed revenge, and their armed wings have fired dozens of rockets towards Israel. Since the first attack this afternoon, Israeli forces have carried out more than 50 airstrikes across the Gaza Strip resulting in at least eight fatalities, including two young children and a woman pregnant with twins. The Ministry of Health also reports that more than 90 people have been injured.

Click for big version.

Large fire caused by an Israeli airstrike on a house in Tel al Hawa, Gaza City on Wednesday evening (14 November 12, Lydia De Leeuw)
Read more »

PCHR Calls for Special Session of the Human Rights Council

Press Release – Palestinian Centre For Human Rights

PALESTINIAN CENTRE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS ______________________________________ Ref: 125/2012 Date: 15 November 20102 Time: 15:00 GMT PCHR Calls for Special Session of the Human Rights … Read more »

11 Killed , 100 Injured In Last Escalation On Gaza Strip

Press Release – Gaza Interior Ministry

The number of victims continued in the last Israeli aggression on Wednesday evening to 11 martyrs, including two children , a pregnant woman , and an old man and more than 100 injured, including 15 children and 18 women. Read more »

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