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UN Calls on Israel and Palestinians to Resume Talks

Press Release – UN News

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon today called on Israel and the Palestinians to find the “political will and courage” to move ahead with talks aimed at establishing a lasting peace between them through Palestinian statehood and security for Israel. Read more »

Urgency of Resuming Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks

Press Release – UN News

The recent escalation of violence underscores the urgent need to get the Israeli-Palestinian peace process back on track, a top United Nations official told the Security Council today, stressing that the status quo is unsustainable. Read more »

Once and For All: The Big Winner is Hamas

Column – Uri Avnery

The mantra of this round was Once And For All. “We must put an end to this (the rockets, Hamas, the Palestinians, the Arabs?) Once and For All!” – this cry from the heart was heard dozens of times daily on TV from the harassed inhabitants of … Read more »

Ismail Haniyeh honours martyred, wounded journalists

Press Release – Palestinian Government in Gaza

At an event in Gaza City today organised by the Government Media Office to honour the journalists killed and wounded by Israel during the so-called Operation Pillar of Defence, Imad Al Franji, head of al-Quds TV, spoke on behalf of all of the shelled … Read more »

Hamas Victory Affects Civil Rights of Lebanon’s Palestinians

Article – Franklin Lamb

The current festive celebrations in Lebanon’s 12 Palestinian refugee camps reflect the intense euphoria being witnessed throughout Gaza and occupied Palestine, Arab and Muslim countries, as well as relief among people of goodwill globally. Read more »

Media Don’t Tell the Real Reason Israel Kills People in Gaza

Article – John Spritzler

The reason Israel periodically kills men, women and children in Gaza is not because Hamas fires rockets. Nor is the purpose of the killing to weaken the power and influence of Hamas (every reporter regardless of political orientation notes that the effect … Read more »

Palestinian Government Press Statement

Press Release – Palestinian Government in Gaza

25 November 2012 Taher Al Nono, spokesperson for the Palestinian Government in Gaza, held a Press Conference at the Government Media Office. Read more »

Netanyahu’s High-stakes Game in Gaza: Same Time, Same Place

Column – Ramzy Baroud

Many key phrases have been presented to explain Israel’s latest military onslaught against Gaza, which left scores dead and wounded. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is flexing his muscles in preparation for the Israeli general elections … Read more »

Diamonds to be pulverised – Dublin protest at Israeli crimes

Press Release – Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign

On Saturday 24th November at 14:30 pm on Grafton Street, Dublin, Anne Clinton, a human rights activist from Limerick, will use a hammer to pulverise the diamond jewellery she got from her husband years ago in a public display of her outrage at jewellers … Read more »

Children suffer devastating & lasting impact of Gaza crisis

Press Release – OHCHR

While welcoming the ceasefire which started last night, the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child on Thursday expressed its “deep concern at the devastating and lasting impact the crisis in Gaza and Israel is having on children.” Read more »

Undernews: November 20, 2012

Column – Undernews

As planned Black Friday strikes draw increasing media attention, Walmart continues to publicly dismiss the actions as stunts and the workers involved as an unrepresentative fringe. But workers charge that behind closed doors, the company is waging a stepped-up … Read more »

Energy sector outperforming the market

Press Release – CMC Markets

The Australian equities market is trading higher today despite the Eurozone and IMF officials failing to agree on a deal regarding the aid for Greece. The cease fire in the Gaza strip and better than expected US economic data provided optimistic news … Read more »

UN Chief Welcomes Ceasefire between Israel and Hamas

Press Release – UN News

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has welcomed the ceasefire announced today after a week of devastating violence in southern Israel and Gaza, and stressed that it is imperative that both sides stick to it. Read more »

Concerns on Providing Humanitarian Aid amidst Gaza Violence

Press Release – UN News

Amid continued violence in Gaza and Israel, the United Nations food relief agency today raised concerns about its ability to reach people in the Palestinian enclave if conditions worsen, while the UN health agency said medicines were already in short … Read more »

Palestinian Ministry of Health Statement

Press Release – Palestinian Ministry of Health

Palestinian Ministry of Health 21 November 2012 21 November 2012 The Palestinian Ministry of Health condemns in the strongest terms the continued Israeli outrages against the citizenry of Gaza. The death toll since 14 November stands at 137, with … Read more »

UN Official Stresses Need to Avoid Worsening Of Gaza Crisis

Press Release – UN News

The head of the United Nations agency tasked with assisting Palestinian refugees today stressed the need to avoid any further escalation of the latest violence between Gaza and Israel, as he saw firsthand the destruction wreaked on the territory by … Read more »

UN Secretary-General Says Violence in Gaza ‘Benefits No One’

Press Release – UN News

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called on Israel to exercise “maximum restraint” in its operation focused on Gaza, saying in Jerusalem that the loss of civilian lives was “unacceptable under any circumstances.” Read more »

The Tragic Truth about the State of Israel

Article – Luke Hiken

In the 1940s and 50s, I was raised on the North Shore of Chicago, in a suburb named Glencoe. The town was at least 95% Jewish, and everyone knew who the 3 black families were, knew the handful of Christians and “others” who resided near us. Read more »

Protest against former Herald editor

Press Release – Global Peace And Justice Auckland

Global Peace and Justice Auckland will formally protest to Auckland University about former New Zealand Herald Editor Gavin Ellis being used to speak at a human rights forum this evening. Read more »

Julie Webb-Pullman: Gaza: The Solution is Simple

Article – Julie Webb-Pullman

The simple solution to the current carnage in Gaza is in Israel’s hands – OBEY INTERNATIONAL LAW . Israel is currently breaching at least 30 United Nations Security Council Resolutions dating back to 1968, resolutions that require action by it and … Read more »

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