Presidential source: Coordination with Gaza to form a joint probe committee

Gaza Interior Ministry

An informed source from the Egyptian presidency said there is coordination underway between Egypt and the Prime Ministry in Gaza to form a joint inquiry committee to probe the attack that targeted a military checkpoint in the Sinai.

The source said that the Egyptian presidency is in constant contact with all national security parties and with the Palestinian officials in Gaza to pool the efforts to uncover the circumstances of the terrorist attack.

The source affirmed that the Egyptian presidency rules out the involvement of Palestinian parties in this attack and believes that the incident is aimed at destabilizing Egypt’s internal situation and straining its relations with the Palestinians in Gaza.

He noted the closure of Rafah border crossing was a temporary security procedure not affecting Egypt’s good relations with Gaza.

Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya, for his part, stressed in a cabinet meeting on Monday the need for a permanent joint security committee between Gaza and Egypt following up the common issues that concern both parties.

Premier Haneyya denied in a press release issued following the meeting the involvement of any Palestinian in the attack and said he would urge the Egyptian leadership to form this joint committee.

He affirmed that his government is always keen on Egypt’s security and stability and believes that the national security of Egypt and Palestine is interdependent.

Haneyya accused the Israeli regime of being behind the attack, saying the Israeli moves that had preceded the incident confirm its involvement in one way or another in the attack.

For its part, the presidency of Al-Azhar university denounced in a statement yesterday the Sinai attack as an act of bullying aimed at disturbing Egypt’s relations with the Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Al-Azhar university accused the Israeli regime of plotting to create chaos in Egypt and find pretexts for its conspiracy in the Sinai.

It called the Muslim nation to be more cautious about the malicious plans of their enemies and urged the Egyptian people in particular to stand united in defense of Sinai against conspiracies.


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