Gaza Media Office reports on media freedom violations in May

Press Release – Government Media Office – Gaza

The Government Media Office in Gaza last May witnessed a cascade of violations of media freedom in the Palestinian territories, such as the Israeli Occupation firing at a group of journalists working at Iqra’a channel, the besieging of the staff of Elwaha Media Production Company, and the resolutions of Ramallah government which blocked a number of local electronic sites in the West bank. Journalist Nasser Eshyukhi was wounded in the head.

GMO documented the following violations in May:

1th May,2012
The Israeli Occupation fired at a group of journalists in Faraheen area south Khanyounis .Witnesses reported that the Israeli Occupation fired towards the staff of Iqra’a during reporting on Palestinian suffering in the area.
1th May ,2012
Attorney General Ahmad ElMughni blocked a number of local electronic sites in the West Bank.
2nd May,2012
Nasser Eshyuokhi ,a photographer at Associated Press was wounded directly in the head while covering clashes between protesters in support of hunger strikers and the Israeli Occupation near Ofer prison
The Israeli Occupation arrested the head of Elaseer channel Baha’a Mosa in Marka, south of Jenin, after storming his house and searching it.
19th May,2012
Israeli forces stormed the headquarter of Elasser channel and arrested a head of Elaseer channel in Jenin in the north of the West Bank, after confiscating broadcasting equipment.
22nd May 2012
Palestinian officials prevented Palestinian journalists from covering a visit of British model Naomi Campbell.
23rd May,2012
The Dispute court in Bethlehem postponed the trial of the head of Bethlehem Radio George Qanawati to 5th September 2012. Qanwati first appeared before the court on 3rd October due to a complaint made about him by the Mayor of Bethlehem city Abed Fattah Hamayla. Qanwati had published a critical comment about the directorate of Health in Bethlehem. He also criticised the existence of an Israeli product on the table of the managers meeting.
30th May,2012
The Preventive Security Service summoned journalist Sohaip Azeez ,26 years old, a week after he was released from an Israeli prison.

Translated by Ibraheem Ghunaim

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